Scots lefties are fibbing about Boris Johnson article again

edcartoon2As usual, twitter is full of cocky Scots Indy Ref supporters, bragging that a Labour/SNP working relationship is a done deal, and Ed is about to march into Number 10.  To help him on his way, they are, as usual, misrepresenting Boris’s Daily Telegraph article.

 ·  gr 2 hours ago

the “horror” of the peaceful democratic process being followed!

I’m afraid the is a British/ UK party just like any other. That’s what we have to deal with.

Is it a ‘horror’? We wanted a union with the Scots, we got it. We have to live with this.

@Secret_Ledger automatically assuming a Labour victory is inevitable.

In his significant article in the Telegraph this morning, Boris Johnson certainly did not argue that he feared the “horror of the democratic process.”  On the contrary, he embraces it. What Boris actually said was this.  “As it happens, I agree strongly with the betting markets in thinking that the country, in the end, will get it right. ”  He then goes on to explain in detail why.

Common sense will prevail in the UK, and Ed Miliband is leading the Labour Party to extinction.  Because voters can see what a disaster Labour/SNP policies will, Labour will be destroyed in the polls. They will be destroyed by an entirely democratic process.

Alex Salmond didn’t cope with defeat very well the first time.   He will be getting more practice shortly and  let’s hope he handles it a bit better the second time around.

One response to “Scots lefties are fibbing about Boris Johnson article again

  1. Lying rife from lefties, Red Ken set the Gold Standard. They are quite shameless.

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