Paxo lets Ed off the hook – Susanna Reid did a much better job!

It wasn’t the magnificent Paxo triumph the newspapers made out.  Paxo interviewed Ed Miliband and the PM and although he can still sneer and snarl with the best of them,  his attempts to rattle Ed signally failed.edpaxoSusanna Reid and Charlotte did twice as well as Paxo on Good Morning Britain,  and grilled Ed like a chipolata.   Between them, they showed Ed up as a) totally out of touch on the cost of living  b) a hypocrite, pointing out that he rants and raves over zero hour contracts, but Labour MPs and councillors use them all the time and c) an unsuitable leader.  By the time they got to c) Ed, caught totally unprepared, was visibly twitching. By the end of the interview, he was in pieces.

Paxo’s biggest failure was in his weak follow-up questions and he missed several golden opportunities.  On the economy, he told Ed most of his forecasts had been wrong, but Ed somehow blustered his way out of it.  Ed then misquoted the PM, claiming Mr. Cameron insists everything is absolutely fine.  The PM does not say that, but Ed was allowed to prove things are not all fine, unchallenged.

When bolshily asked what would he cut, Ed listed a few things that wouldn’t make that much difference.  Once again, Paxo didn’t follow through, by nailing him on the figures like Andrew Neil would have done. No mention whatsoever that British business en masse has refused to work with Labour!  Why not?

Why didn’t Paxo nail Ed once and for all on Labour’s crashing of the economy?  Ed admitted to the studio audience that they should have regulated the banks, but he is still in denial on Gordon’s massive overspending after 2002.  Those two things caused the crash.

Ed denied there would be an SNP coalition, but a working arrangement is clearly on the cards.  Once again, no follow-up.

Finally, why didn’t Paxo challenge Ed on his failure to present tax returns?  This was a major blooper.  Ed has castigated British companies who practice tax avoidance, but used a tax loophole himself.  He also has questions to answer over Capital Gains.  Jeremy should have forced him to complywith transparency.  Hypocritical and dishonest, two powerful blows and Paxo ducked the entire issue.

I cannot agree that it was a masterly Paxo performance.  The major issues were not dealt with well, I would advise Paxo to take a few tips from  Susanna.  Best of all would have been Andrew Neil.  He would have delivered the coup de grace.

One response to “Paxo lets Ed off the hook – Susanna Reid did a much better job!

  1. Cannot work out Paxo’s motives here, giving Ed such an easy ride. I thought he was a Tory.

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