In massive AOL poll, Boris is twice as popular as Theresa May

We have a leader, and a popular one, who is the most popular of the three main leaders by far.   However, Boris has to take the stick, so it’s only fair to say that should the PM decide to resign, Boris Johnson is the overwhelming first choice to replace him. aolpollBoris topped the poll of more than 11,000 visitors to with 54% of the vote. He was more than twice as popular as Mrs May, on 24%, with Mr Osborne on 12%. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Chief Whip Michael Gove both received 5% of the vote.

AOL said Mr Cameron’s announcement is a potential disaster for the Tories, according to Labour’s former spin doctor Alistair Campbell, who added: ‘He has created a massive distraction.’  Alastair Campbell is a discredited warmonger, who gives a stuff what he says?

Senior Tories have played down the potential for chaos a party leadership contest would cause during a second term in office for Mr Cameron
and denied he would become a ‘lame duck’ PM.

In today’s poll in the Daily Mirror, Boris Johnson destroyed the opposition by leading by 69%.  Everybody wants him.

2 responses to “In massive AOL poll, Boris is twice as popular as Theresa May

  1. If it were up to the voters, Boris Johnson would be PM tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s often down to who is sneakiest, and best at sucking up.

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