EEEKKKK! Ed Miliband is HAL, the computer in 2001!

Earwigging interestedly on a twitter convo between John Rentoul and Simon Danczuk, John made the intriguing remark that “EdM “has an image of being more of a toff than David Cameron”: @SimonDanczuk “hal20012In an interview with the New Statesman, Simon Danczuk, the Rochdale Labour MP, said, “any Labour politician that says to you they knock on a door and Ed Miliband is popular are telling lies. They’re just telling lies!”Hal2001

Guys, Ed Miliband is labouring under a double burden.  He is seen as a tax avoiding toff, but he is also seen as a geek.  That makes Ed the computer from 2001, A Space Odyssey.Hal20013

Because Ed doesn’t have any feelings.  His robotic delivery, his ruthless disposal of family members,  the way he runs through strategies and economic solutions, without any passion,  rejecting them over and over again, are all dead giveaways.  And HAL tried to take over.hal20014

In the film, astronaut Bowman manages to foil HAL by removing modules from service one by one; as he does so, HAL’s consciousness degrades. HAL regurgitates material that was programmed into him early in his memory, When HAL’s logic is completely gone, he begins singing the song “Daisy Bell“.

Let’s all hope it won’t come to that.

One response to “EEEKKKK! Ed Miliband is HAL, the computer in 2001!

  1. It’s really funny that the name in the film of the astronaut is Dave! Ed is definitely very robotic!

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