The Tories must be braver in fighting for a more equal society says Boris

Boris Johnson has told the Tory leadership we must help the less well off, it is not fair to allow such a large division between the haves and the have nots. With the Tories, the good intentions are always there. A leftie tweeted that Labour are worried about low wages while the Tories only ever worry about the economy. This is absolutely not true.borisserious12A healthy economy means more jobs for sure, we have seen that, and hopefully higher wages, but that is not happening yet.

The Times reported yesterday “Boris Johnson has thrown his support behind plans to give council houses to tenants in return for coming off benefits, and warned the Tories not to “shrug their shoulders” at growing inequality.

Millions of workers would be given their houses in return for staying in employment in a massive revival of the “right to buy” policy being championed by Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary.

With David Cameron still thinking about whether to include the radical proposal in the Conservative manifesto, the London mayor urged bravery.”

As Mayor of London, Boris has made a point of fighting for social justice. He acted like lightning to over food poverty in the capital, and has pioneered initiatives, such as free hot breakfasts in the fifty poorest schools, and the great social supermarkets, containing top quality food donated by the major supermarket chains at rock bottom prices.

Boris backed Labour councils in the “council homes for life” row. He struck a blow for social justice by criticising Ken Clarke’s legal aid proposals. Boris believes that cuts in legal aid will disadvantage women who suffer domestic violence.  (It is worth noting that since Boris became Mayor, rape crisis centres have quadrupled.)

In London, Boris has fought for equality of race, colour and creed. This cannot be said of the previous Labour Mayor,  who played divide and rule with the Jewish and gay communities and the Muslim vote.  The Times expressed its outrage here.  Significantly, Ken Livingstone was backed in this behaviour by Ed Miliband and Tessa Jowell, who campaigned for him without a word of protest.

In 2011, there was groundswell support for Boris’s strong objection to cuts to disability living allowance in the press.  Boris made a full submission of his objections in February, 2011.  He was concerned that the changes could lead to financial hardship and social isolation for chronically ill and disabled people, and push an already disadvantaged group deeper into poverty.

In education, when the Tories were out of power, in 2010, Boris Johnson fought for equal opportunities for all in education.  This was refused by Ed Balls.  Boris was so furiously angry, he wrote he nearly head butted Balls.

Boris Johnson’s Thatcher lecture which has been widely and probably deliberately misinterpreted by the left wing press,  (recently even by writers such as John Rentoul,) clearly set out his philosophy

In November 2013, anyone who read what Boris actually said would find out that far from saying “Greed is Good”, (the idea flooding the internet via the Guardian and the Daily Mirror,)  he said the opposite, he made a point of  saying greed wasn’t good, its only advantage was that the “keeping up with the Jones” attitude made people work hard.  He hoped an economic revival wouldn’t see a return of the Loadsamoney flash harries and we should show charity and compassion. He quotes Lady Thatcher, who spoke about the need for giving and cited the parable of the Good Samaritan.

In the way he has conducted the Mayoralty, Boris Johnson has made a point of helping and giving far more to the less well off, than the previous Labour Mayor ever did.  He raised over £250M in funding, Ken raised zilch.  Tories are not heartless.  We are not uncaring, on the contrary.

It is time for the Tories to correct this lie once and for all, and follow the Mayor’s example.  The council house measures suggested by IDS would be a great way to demonstrate that.

One response to “The Tories must be braver in fighting for a more equal society says Boris

  1. Boris Johnson has done far more for the less well off than so called “Caring” Labour – I am sick to death of hearing how Labour “care” while Boris Johnson actually does things.

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