Out for blood! Alex Salmond is desperate for payback…..

SNP leader Alex Salmond went all out for Scottish Independence!   He launched the most ruthless campaign for decades,  his vicious henchmen threatening any Scot who dared to stay loyal to the United Kingdom.  This lethal operator  staked his political reputation on a win and he lost!   Resentment burned…..

Ed Miliband is a flop as Labour leader, but he has one slim chance.  If he forms a working agreement with Salmond, he can get his backside into No. 10, and he will promise literally anything to make that happen. This is Salmond’s second chance to get even with the English and this time, he’s out for blood!

The Tories are coming up with some amazing videos and this one is no exception.  See “Out for Blood”, starring Alex Salmond, but don’t bring the kids!  This man is dangerous…..

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