At Peoples’ QT at Haringey Boris Johnson deliberately prevented from getting his points across

The Peoples’ Question Time session at Haringey, held at the Dominion Centre in High Road, Wood Green was undoubtedly spikey, but the audience was no way as anti-Boris as left leaning members of the London Assembly would have us believe.  Appalling management of crowd control ruined the session.PQTChairman Joanne McCartney made no attempt to prevent heckling and it soon became apparent that in spite of a couple of empty threats, no one was going to be  ejected from the meeting.  The meeting descended into a free for all of yelling rabble.  If Joanne had firmly ejected two or three hecklers at the start (they could have returned to the hall later, if they promised not to shout,) she could easily have controlled the crowd.  Quite deliberately, she refused to do that.

The question of housing understandably was a red hot issue and Boris came under fire, but the loud shouting made it hard to hear what he was saying. Boris said “We absolutely need new housing. The biggest problem we face is young Londoners not being able to live here.  “This is the number one issue we face and we have put all sorts of schemes in place to help people get on to the housing ladder.”  Loud shouting prevented him from explaining further.

The truth is that in 13 years of Blair/Brown rule, there was less social housing built than Boris achieved last year.  This vital fact was drowned out,  please read last sentence of this article.  In 13 years of Blair/Brown rule, Labour also built less social housing than Maggie built in one year.  Research proves under Labour governments also, social housing passed into private hands far faster than under Tory Prime Ministers. These facts are relevant, but it was impossible to convey them to the audience because of the shouting.  The housing crisis is not Boris’s fault.  Obviously the left are anxious to conceal this information.

The subject of water cannon too aroused strong feelings.  Even the Dutch reporter to whom I spoke at length after the meeting needed no telling that Theresa May’s reasons for banning them are political, and nothing to do with the safety of Londoners or the police. This is something that should cause Mrs. May deep shame.  It was encouraging to know that the entire Dutch nation apparently recognise the truth of the matter.

Londoners are strongly behind Boris Johnson on the subect of water cannon, the reasons they are needed are here. It was clear from the audience that many did not support the Assembly in their disapproval of water cannon.

As for Boris being an MP as well as Mayor for a while, the crucial point was also never made.  Boris will be doing two jobs, but taking only his Mayoral salary, not a salary for being the MP of Uxbridge should he win the seat. All government ministers and shadow ministers are also doing 2 jobs, one as MP, so what is the problem?

The bolshie attitude of some of the audience made it clear they weren’t interested in listening to the facts.  They were right on the London Living Wage, although under Boris, companies paying it have risen from 23 to 516,  but it was hard to sympathise with the blinkered attitude from some people. They didn’t want to hear the truth, stuck in the mindset that Boris only cared for the rich, what a load of cobblers.

A golden opportunity for the Mayor to put his case and explain his side was wasted.  This was a Peoples’ Question Time that was a travesty of democracy and a triumph of politiical chicanery and mob rule.  I hope the people responsible, obvously terrified that the Mayor’s eloquence would win the day,  realise that winning by cheating is not winning at all. Thankfully from his bouncy performance, Boris Johnson was uncrushed by the experience, and the truth has a way of coming out, no matter how you try to suppress it.

3 responses to “At Peoples’ QT at Haringey Boris Johnson deliberately prevented from getting his points across

  1. Now I’ve heard it all! Tweeter @SamRSparrow links to my Haringey tweet and blames Boris Johnson for not talking about local issues. (actually a lie) They gagged him from speaking Sam…….

  2. Outrageous behaviour by the so-called ethical Assembly. This has to be the worst abuse of free speech yet at Peoples Question time at Wood Green. Heckling is supposed to be illegal at these do’s. Joanne McCartney an abject failure as Chairman, she should never be allowed to chair again,
    She equalled Darren Johnson at his worst.

    • The purpose was clearly to get an advantage because we are so close to the election. If you want to stage a demo, there are ;places to do that. The London Assembly is not the place, nor are Peoples Question Times. I am appalled that in spite of repeated complaints about members allowing heckling, they are still doing it. And what are Tory members doing just handing an advantage to Labour?

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