Don’t risk it with Labour! This is how they crashed the car

In this brilliant Tory video, we hear the outright lies! Labour has never apologised, and for years, blatantly lied about the mess they made of the economy.  It was only when Andrew Neil on BBC Sunday Politics skewered Ed Balls by hammering laser questions home with a mallet did Balls crumble and finally admit the truth.I have forced Labour voters to read this blog, forced them to click on the links, and watched them verbally disintegrate on twitter into hysteria, as they still  refuse to accept the facts.

The two Eds were practically children when their destructive tinkering with long established financial regulation, under the aegis of the headstrong Gordon Brown, wrecked the UK.  Do not believe that the crash was world wide, and unavoidable for that reason!  There was no money in the kitty to cushion us from the effects of the economic blow, frugal at first, Gordon Brown was indulging in crazy overspending.edbrownLack of bank regulation allowed British banks to invest in worthless sub-prime US mortgages.  These actions inevitably crashed the UK economy.  Last year, Boris Johnson bluntly told Balls and Miliband they don’t understand economics!  He also said why – read here.

The crash was spectacular!  Why have Ed Miliband and Ed Balls not apologised on their knees for the havoc they caused?  No wonder the City refuses to work with them!

One response to “Don’t risk it with Labour! This is how they crashed the car

  1. Excellent Tory video and great pictures of the two Eds, practically schoolboys, who got their mitts on the economy and crashed the car.

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