Slippery Ed denies Labour/SNP Coalition but what isn’t he telling us?

With  all the sincerity of a dodgy defendant in the court of Judge Rinder,  Ed Miiband promised the UK he will not form a coalition with the SNP!  Blithely ignoring that the SNP has never wanted to be part of a coalition, Ed grandly declared “There will no SNP members in a government I lead!” EdsalmondThat’s not really the issue Ed!  But flinging words like integrity around as though the mere mention of the word is enough to render the UK wide eyed with belief, Ed accused the Tories of “running a misleading campaign!  The idea is nonsense! They are simply trying to scare people.”

This statement is not quite as reassuring as it appears. According to the Daily Telegraph:  “Ed Miliband has refused to rule out an informal power-sharing deal with the Scottish National Party after the general election. .

The Labour leader ruled out a formal coalition, saying there would be “no SNP ministers” in any government he leads.

However, Mr Miliband fell short of ruling out a deal that would see the Nationalists prop up a minority administration in exchange for key policies under a confidence and supply deal – the preferred option of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon anyway!”

Ed is being slippery and economical with the truth. The dreaded Alex Salmond is planning to  boss the House by sneaking through the back door. The majority of Scots, who love the UK,  know this would be a disaster for the UK, and so do we.

We have every reason to be scared of this option.  Read this information on the SNP from a loyal Scot, who gave it to me this morning!  This is the truth about the SNP

2 responses to “Slippery Ed denies Labour/SNP Coalition but what isn’t he telling us?

  1. Total liar, trying to slip one past us.

  2. Ed Miliband thinks we are stupid. Loudly proclaims NO SNP COALITION, an he thinks he can sneak a power sharing deal through. Desperate to be PM and doesn’t care how.

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