Karma strikes! Huge fire at Battersea and we can’t use the water cannon!

A massive fire has broken out at Battersea Arts Centre.  Firefighters are struggling to cope, what we really need is a couple of water cannon!  Oh wait!batterseafireWe had those, but after faffing around for two long years, Theresa May still cannot make up her mind!  So we have the cannon, but are not licenced to use them!

The Standard reports:  “A fire brigade spokesman said: “We were called at 4.17 to reports of a fire in the roof at an art centre on Lavender Hill.

“We are working hard to stop the fire from spreading. We have 12 fire engines and more than 80 firefighters at the scene”.

The water cannon would significantly reduce the danger to fire fighters and deal with such a large fire far more efficiently. A vital use of water cannon is to protect fire fighters and paramedics in burning buildings.  Only water cannon have jets strong enough to do this.

Water cannon can also prevent buildings from burning right down to the ground.  If we had had them during the London riots, millions of poundswould have been saved. Police officers in Northern Ireland use them regularly.  There have never been any accidents, and they have significiantly reduced injury to officers.

Water cannon can create a safe space where injured cops can be taken for safety.  during the London riots, 44 officers were injured. That number would have been greatly reduced.

Water cannon are a deterrent.  Even the sight of them is enough to prevent violence.

Are you regretting your tardiness and your ridiculous decision Mrs. May?  You should have listened to Boris Johnson!

A massive fire has also broken out at a childrens’ school in Surrey, there was an explosion, details here! Never were water cannon more needed than now!

One response to “Karma strikes! Huge fire at Battersea and we can’t use the water cannon!

  1. It was very disrespectful to the Met. and to the Mayor to keep them waiting for more than two years and then still refuse to give a definitive answer. Now May is totally embarrassed and quite frankly it serves her right.

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