Lurid scenes of violence show why Boris Johnson is right over water cannon

How soon we forget!  These lurid scenes of violence are from the 2011 London riots.  London bore the brunt of the violence, which was so terrible, Londoners pleaded with the Met. to get water cannnon.  In a poll, they voted 90% in favour.  Other later polls were 68% and 72% in favour of water cannon.  The PM also supported the Mayor, saying “The Met must have the equipment they need.”

tottenhamblazeWater cannon are by far the most effective deterrent in protecting fire fighters and paramedics in burning buildings.  They save lives.

Shops were stripped bare.  The Barclays Bank branch in Tottenham High Road was targeted, with rioters smashing their way into the branch and its cashpoint machine ripped from the wall and emptied.looterThe Mail reported: “Looters were using twitter.   Photographs of looters pushing shopping trolleys full of stolen goods – and one incredibly brazen looter posing with his booty, his face clearly identifiable – were also posted online.looters2

In all, the looting carried on  unabated for three hours before any control was regained by police. This violence continued for three days.

Stores including Boots, JD Sports, O2, Curry’s, Argos, Orange, PC World and Comet at a shopping centre in Tottenham Hale were hit badly, as looters swiped anything they could, including breaking into cash registers.  As the clashes erupted an officer could be seen lying on the ground after being struck on his shield by a missile.”looters3The Met admit they were unprepared and did not have the requisite equipment.  The crowd, many of whom were activists from abroad, pulled the cops from their horses and attacked with missiles, petrol bombs and iron bars.fireriots44 police were injured, one shot and one blinded.  Determined never to be caught unprepared again, the police are rock solid on the need for water cannon.  The police need our support, they risk their lives for us.
Theresa May has made a huge error of judgement.   She has kept the Met. waiting for two years for a decision and even now is prevaricating.

Boris Johnson took action to keep us safe.  He should not be blamed for that.

4 responses to “Lurid scenes of violence show why Boris Johnson is right over water cannon

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  4. Disgraceful and disrespectful to the Met. to keep them waiting for over two years for a decision. No wonder Boris Johnson lost patience.

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