David Cameron should attend debates but only if Ed presents his tax returns

There is a simple solution to the impasse over the TV debates.  David Cameron should attend, but ONLY if Ed Miiband presents his tax returns.daveedEd Miiband is accused of using a tax loophole. He also has questions to answer regarding Capital Gains.  He is accused of tax avoidance on a grand scale, and frankly, the country has a right to know!

Ed says he intends to make attendance at the debates enshrined in law.  How much more important to make all politicians present tax returns if requested by the people? If they are preaching on the issue, this should be mandatory.  Is it not Ed, not David Cameron, who is showing huge and despicable arrogance by flatly refusing to reveal whether he is a tax avoider or not?

David Cameron’s course is clear.  He must refuse to attend ANY of the debates until Ed has done his fiscal duty and complied with transparency at the request of the nation.

Oddly, we have heard nothing lately about Ed’s crusade against British companies who legally practice tax avoidance.  Dropped the black list have you Ed?  Maybe it’s because if you submitted tax returns, you would have to put yourself on it!  And at least British companies don’t preach!  Eh?

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