Will Boris Johnson be allowed to keep his date with destiny?

A Grand Coalition wouldn’t be grand at all.  It would signal the death of democracy.  A Labour/SNP deal would be a disaster,  but equally a Tory/Labour coalition would be a catastrophe.borisserious12We were initially told the Tory/LibDem coalition was a temporary measure and look how long that lasted.   A Tory/Lab Grand Coalition, once established,  would make it harder, not easier,  for either party to ever get a majority. So the country would be sentenced to the same Coalition every time for ever and ever, and there would be no point in anyone going to the polling booth.  Democracy would be killed stone dead.

Labour and the Conservatives must acknowledge that they are failures as things stand. Neither leader has been able to inspire the country  The only way out has been trumpeted by both the Times and the Telegraph.  If the Tories put Boris Johnson at the heart of their campaign, and  brought the Mayoral election forward, they would stand more than a fighting chance of a decent win.  Boris Johnson tops every national poll and he also has admirers in other parties.  He is the man to grab destiny by the scruff of the neck and bend it to his will. The Tories would indisputably be the most popular party

It would take a lot of courage and a huge amount of unselfishness for Tory leaders to take this course.   In doing so, they would be saving the Tory party and saving the UK.  A Grand Tory/Labour Coalition would be a disaster,  what is the alternative, to hand the UK over to Scotland?  A gloating Alex Salmond is already saying “Scotland can call the tune in the Commons.”

Boris is bound to be up for it. The remit to save the Tory Party, save the UK and save democracy to boot is the challenge he has been searching for all his life. He is the only politician in the country likely to pull off an outright win,  because he has the ability to inspire the voters.  The fate of the country rests on a knife edge.  I am just praying Boris is given the chance because the alternative for the UK does not bear thinking about.

One response to “Will Boris Johnson be allowed to keep his date with destiny?

  1. David Cameron would rather the Tories lost and the UK went to the dogs than they handed power over to the Mayor. The only thing Cameron is passionate about is beating Boris Johnson.

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