Orgs like Cage use our fear of being thought racist to stop us fighting terrorism

“You can’t see it, can you, “said a Muslim friend of mine laconically. “There is an inbuilt fear in Britain of being thought racist.  So every time you try to do something to fight terrorism,  organisations like Cage only have to accuse you of racism and you  feel too bad to act.  You fall for it, every time!”  He has a point.boriscage2Asim Querishi of Cage accused Jon Snow of Channel  4 News of asking him to condemn terrorism only because he as a Muslim.

When Eric Pickles asked 1,000 Muslim leaders to help fight radicalisation, the Muslim Council of Britain objected. although they probably misunderstood the letter. Nobody is suggesting that the MCB was trying to prevent measures against terrorists, but their reaction is exactly what makes liberals feel really really bad.

So scared are the Lib Dems of offending, they have lost all focus like Cage and prioritise the human rights of terrorists before the victims of beheadings, crucifixions and rapes, and before the lives and safety of the people of this country.

Boris Johnson’s conversation with Asim Quereshi has put the matter into perspective.  He bluntly told Quereshi he had the wrong focus.  When the day comes that we can pursue terrorists and ask for help from other communities withoutgiving offence or being asked to apologise,  we will know that racism is an evil of the past.

One response to “Orgs like Cage use our fear of being thought racist to stop us fighting terrorism

  1. It’s like we can’t open our mouths or we are accused of racism from certain quarters. The Lib Dems are disgusting to block all terror measures, no thought for safety of people in this country.

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