Lib Dems need to get on board over terror measures or get off the bus!

Quite rightly, the PM jumped like a ton of bricks on the universities minister Greg Clark after he spoke out against Home Office plans to force universities to ban non-violent ‘extremists from speaking at universities.    David Cameron was backed up by the Home Secretary Theresa May and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.nickvinceThe huge row comes after it emerged Mrs May is at loggerheads with the Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable over the issue.  About time!  We cannot passively allow the Lib Dems to rule the roost over terror measures as they have done in the past, to preserve the status quo.

Westminster University was named in a 2009 report as having invited three hate preachers to give a talk in 2006, and just days before Jihadi John’s identity was revealed, thousands signed a petition to block an event where an anti-gay figure was due to speak. Former students at the university have claimed it is a ‘hotbed of radicalism’ where students ‘celebrated 9/11’.

Boris Johnson, hugely praised for the way he flattened the director of Cage over his comments on Jihadi John, is unhappy that the removal of control orders has worsened the situation.  A former independent reviewer of government anti-terror laws believes that Jihadi John (Emwazi) might have been prevented from joining up with IS had restrictions on suspects not been relaxed.

‘Had control orders been in place, in my view there is a realistic prospect that Mohammed Emwazi, and at least two of his associates, would have been the subject of control orders with a compulsory relocation,’ Lord Carlile said.

Vince Cable is in charge of universities policies.   Frankly, the interference of the Lib Dems regardng terrorism has placed this country in huge danger.  David Cameron is so right in now taking a tough line.   Cleggers and Cable are like Cage – they have the wrong focus.  He needs to tell Vince, Nick Clegg and Gregg Clark right now to get properly on board, or get off the bus!

3 responses to “Lib Dems need to get on board over terror measures or get off the bus!

  1. How come a few stroppy Lib Dems are able to affect the policy of the government in this way, how come the Lib Dems always win out?

    • The focus of the LibDems is all wrong, they are putting the human rights of the terrorist over the safety of the citizens of the UK.

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