Jihadi John was kind and gentle? They said the same about Ted Bundy

The research director of a human rights group has described Jihadi John as a kind, gentle and lovely person.   Asim Qureshi of Cage therefore deduces that turning Mohammed Emwazi into a bloodthirsty, psychotic murderer was all our fault!  Ours and the evil, aggressive MI5 officers, who tried unsuccessfully  to recruit him to work undercover.tedbundyNo kidding! Mr. Qureshi might be surprised that exactly the same remarks were made about Ted Bundy, one of the most vicious and prolific serial killers in US history. Ted Bundy was described as a lovely, caring man by his friends when he was first arrested in 1978 and they all considered his arrest a laughable case of mistaken identity.

Ted Bundy was the opposite of the popular idea of a murderer, a good looking, charismatic young lawyer, who wanted to go into politics.  Journalist Ann Rule worked side by side with him as a volunteer on a suicide hotline in Seattle! Hardly the sort of place you expect to find a serial killer. She described Ted as a loyal friend, lovely, kind and protective of her.  For years she refused to believe him guilty, as did everyone who knew him. Ted said he came from a “wonderful home” and for while as a kid, he was a Boy Scout. In reality, rejected by women, early on like jihadis, Ted got into hard core porn.

This was the background of one of the evil, vicious serial killers America has ever known.  After years of denial, in 1989, when about to be executed, he finally confessed to over 30 murders, although police think the number of his victims was as high as a hundred. His only reason for confessing was the hope of a plea bargain to save his life.

He was a murderer, a rapist and a necrophiliac, who would bite and mutilate the beautiful girls he attacked, sometimes taking their severed heads home “for company.  His last victim was 12 years old, but so convincing was the “front” he maintained, thousands of Americans, particularly women, refused to believe in his guilt, right until he went to the electric chair. His own mother never believed it.

Ted Bundy went to extraordinary efforts to preserve the kind, handsome charismatic image that fooled so many people.  The many psychiatric reports carried out on Bundy all confirm he was highly intelligent, hugely manipulative, psychopathic and completely without remorse.

The kind hearted actions described of Jihadi John, hospital visits, gifts, etc. are typical of Ted Bundy, who as described, did volunteer work to help potential suicides.  His actions as a killer caused one psychiatrist to descrive him as “the very definition of heartless evil.”

The pictures of Jihadi John gloating over the bodies of the victims he has apparently beheaded, certainly fit that description.   Ever the actor, Bundy’s last words were “I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends.”

The Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway was described by his wife as “a lovely man and a loving and indulgent husband.” He confessed to 48 killings, but later said it was twice that many.  For years, his wife believed he must be innocent.

2 responses to “Jihadi John was kind and gentle? They said the same about Ted Bundy

  1. Rejected by girls, came across as kind and gentle, got into porn! Just like Jihadi John. His own mother didn’t believe he was capable!

  2. Jihadi John is obviiously sadistic and psychotic. Interesting they both had trouble with women and were into porn.

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