Youngest Para runs gauntlet of fire three times to win VC

The outstanding heroism of LCpl Joshua Leakey, the youngest para in the unit, meant he won a VC this week, the only living soldier this century to do so.paraVCIn August 2013, under fire from 20 Taliban insurgents, enemy bullets thumped the ground as he sprinted down a steep, rocky hill in southern Afghanistan to tend the wounds of a comrade, a US Marine Corps officer.

Two British machinegun positions and a mortar site were also pinned down by Taliban fire. Radio communication was poor, adding to the confusion, but Lance Corporal Leakey’s bravery spurred other soldiers to win what felt like a losing battle, his VC citation said.

The 27 year old singlehandedly turned the tide of battle in Helmand province in 2013, reported the MOD.  LCpl Leakey showed “complete disregard for his own safety” by running off to look for machine gunners pinned down by enemy fire and to give first aid to a US Marine Captain. He then sprinted back up the hill again under fire to take control of a machinegun.

Bullets ricocheted off the weapon as he turned it towards the Talian militants who were hiding in the rubble of a compound. He blasted again at them, before deciding to sprint for a third time under fire to a second machinegun, haul it to higher ground and attack.

His outstanding courage and enterprise inspired his entire unit, who fought back ferociously. Out of 20 enemy, 11 were killed and 4 were wounded. LCpl Leakey showed initiative and leadership far beyond his rank. The video of LCpl Leakey talking about the engagement is here.

The Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter,  was so moved, at the ceremony in London last night, he embraced the soldier.  We must never forget the debt of gratitude we owe these men.  Reading about such courage is humbling.


4 responses to “Youngest Para runs gauntlet of fire three times to win VC

  1. Despite the VC he will still have to do the junior NCO course, then the senior NCO course. He appears to be a man of action rather than a scholar so any advancement will be field promotions. But as a VC he won’t be seeing any more action, he is too valuable to lose. All our Aussie VCs are below the rank of sergeant, and now doing more publicity than front line fighting.

    • Absolutely inspiring engagement by the entire unit as well as LCpl Leakey. but his initiative and guts swung the balance. So great to read of this sort of thing, instead of the depressing, terrible examples of selfishness that seem the norm.

  2. With all the vile examples of selfishness in the press, it is good to read of the highest form of unselfishness. Inspiring, humbling.

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