New YouGov poll backs call to Bring on the Bojotron!

borisyougovThe latest YouGov poll has shown that Boris Johnson is seen as doing a good job by 3 times more voters than think the opposite.

The Times reported today “David Cameron is facing calls to place Boris Johnson centre-stage in the election campaign amid mounting concerns among senior Tory figures that the party needs a more positive message.

The calls from Conservative MPs came as exclusive polling for The Times confirmed the London mayor’s status as one of Britain’s most popular politicians. More than three times as many people believe he is performing well in his job than think he is doing badly, the YouGov poll found.borispollrivals

There was also evidence that he will be key in the Tory battle to win over Ukip supporters, with 65 per cent of Ukip backers saying that he was doing well and only 18 per cent disagreeing.

While the poll will be welcomed by Mr Johnson, who is attempting to win re-election to the Commons in May in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, it shows that the Conservatives are still in need of an election breakthrough. The party is on course to lose several of its key marginal seats in the capital to Labour.”

The UKIP result if particuarly relevant  considering the result of another YouGov poll.  A shift in mood means that UKIP is no longer seen as a longer term force.ukipfadingThere has been a significant shift since October 2014.  So the popularity of the Mayor with these people means there is a strong likelihood they could return to the Tories. Bring on the Bojotron seems to the message!

2 responses to “New YouGov poll backs call to Bring on the Bojotron!

  1. This has been known for a long time. Why is Cameron shipping Boris Johnson out to the sticks – he is needed at the heart of the campaign. Backing Boris is the Tories only chance. Dave needs to act and he needs to act NOW!

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