Is David Cameron brave enough to bring back Boris?

Are George Osborne and our PM brave enough and unselfish enough to  do what it will take to save this country?  That is the bottom line now.borisanddave13The choice could not be clearer. Either they bring forward the date of the Mayoral election, freeing Boris Johnson to devote himself body and soul to the campaign, or they hedge their bets.  The result will be another weak coalition and the country destroyed, torn apart by warring factions and the appalling decisions of minor parties, using their clout to  impose wacko policies. Nick Clegg is a luxury the UK simply cannot afford.

In spite of the sterling work of the entire Tory party in putting the UK back on economic track, the result of GE15 could still be a Marxist Labour government, shored up by the SNP (a vindictive Alex Salmond running amok) or, heaven help us, the Greens (loopy calls to legalise dangerous skunk cannabis, vindictive attacks on anyone who has managed to save a penny, and snide demands to shove the Queen into a council house.)  British business would be decimated.

This is the Tories’ one last chance.  If they line up hell for leather behind Boris Johnson now and use his vision and enviable popularity, they have a fighting chance, but they must do it NOW!  There is precious little time left as it is. If our PM does this, he will be commended in history for the most audacious and unselfish action ever executed by any party leader. His name will go down in history forever connected with love of country and putting the people first.   It will take superhuman guts.

The alternative does not bear thinking about.

The Times is calling for this action here. “Send for Boris” is the Times leader.

Another Times article says “Tories call for Boris to rescue their campaign.”

The Daily Telegraph agrees today.Ministers urge David Cameron to put Boris Johnson at the heart of the campaign

A new YouGov poll says Boris Johnson is seen as doing a good job by three times more voters than those who think he is doing a bad job.

2 responses to “Is David Cameron brave enough to bring back Boris?

  1. It’s what the PM should do, but whether he will is another matter. If he does’t, Tories will lose.Ghastly prospect for the UK,what a mess Labur will make!

  2. If he isn’t , the election is down the pan Agree, he needs to get right behind him and bring Mayoral election forward.

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