Green leader mown down first by Andrew Neil and then by Nick Ferrari

The only points that Natalie Bennett scored for the interview with Andrew Neil were for turning up.  As far as the interview was concerned, she was absolutely massacred. The interview started with Bennett’s 280 billion spending plans.  As Neil pointed out, the Greens’ plans to pay for that only amounted to 8 billion.  That was the high point. Things went downwards from there.

By the end of the interview, Andrew Neil had the same stunned, poleaxed look Boris Johnson gets after a conversation with Green Jenny Jones.  So lost was Bennett in dealing with Neil’s incisive questions,  in the end, her only recourse was to refer him continually to  the Greens’ future website.  It was loony toons.

The silky, soothing tone adopted by Nick Ferrari in the LBC interview should have warned Natalie Bennett that she was gearing up for another fiasco. And so it proved.  This interview was such a car crash, Bennett was forced to apologise to her colleagues.  It has been described as the worst political interview ever.  Nick Ferrari did brilliantly!  A written and audio report of the report is here.

A list of the Greens’ policies of madness is here. The eyebrow raising, jawdropping horror of their plans includes abolishing the Army in favour of a home defence force and the gradual removal of all immigration controls.  They will make it legal to sympathise with  Isil.

Many jail sentences will be scrapped.  (The Greens are notoriously copophobic.)    They intend to take Buckingham Palace away from the Royals, but will give them council houses to live in.  They are anti-economic growth and want to decriminalise cannabis and class A and B drugs.

On Radio 4 Today, there was another disaster when Natalie said we would placate Putin, bearing in mind she wants to get rid of the army and Trident. Luckily, Bennett was not on “three strikes and you are out”.

Ed Miliband has said that if he has to form a coalition, he wuld prefer to form one with the Greens, rather than UKIP.

Oh please God No!

2 responses to “Green leader mown down first by Andrew Neil and then by Nick Ferrari

  1. They are potty, that is the only way of putting it. They are also badly behaved. They do not abide by the rules of the London Assembly and how Jenny Jones ever made Baronness beats me! Nobody knows what Boris Johnson has had to put up with. Nobody.

  2. It’s about time that these crazy people are shown up for what they are. TBH they are quite mad, people who cannot possiby be trusted with responsibility at any level. If Ed Miliband is considering doing any sort of deal with these people, he needs to get psychiatric help.

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