Boris Johnson skewers Ed Miliband over tax avoidance

In the Sun  today, Boris said:

“IT’S pots and kettles time. I don’t especially blame Ed Miliband for trying to avoid tax, as he did in the case of his father’s house.You may remember that when the veteran Marxist Ralph Miliband died in 1994, he left his swish Primrose Hill house to his wife Marion.

Two tax avoiders together

Two tax avoiders together

The two Miliband brothers and their mother then together agreed a so-called “deed of variation”, so that each brother was given 20 per cent of the value of the house.

There can have been only one possible purpose to this manoeuvre.

In the event of Marion’s death, they hoped to reduce their exposure to inheritance tax, which would fall on only 60 per cent of the property value.

As I say, it is a pretty “vanilla” sort of dodge, pretty innocuous.

But the objective was clear: More money kept in the Milibands’ pockets and less for the taxman.

More for Ed, less for schools and roads and hospitals.

He had exactly the same motive, I am afraid, as some of the Tories he has chosen to denounce.”

Oh these lefties!  During the second mayoral election, Boris, when asked, immediately produced his tax returns. Squeaky clean.  Ken Livingstone attacked bankers as “rich bastards, who should not be allowed to vote!” Imagine his discomfiture when he was revealed as having used a tax loophole to save £50,000.   The details are here. 

Boris has never used tax avoidance and he never will.

So if he gives Ed some home truths, he’s entitled.

7 responses to “Boris Johnson skewers Ed Miliband over tax avoidance

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  2. Ed’s intention was to avoid inheritance tax when his mother died. He messed this up by selling his share while she was still alive.
    As a result he’s probably paid more CGT than any IHT he stands to avoid! Ed Miliband, the only man whose tax avoidance scheme ends up with him paying even more tax. Would you trust this man with the economy?

  3. Ed Miliband was a member of Gordon Brown’s shadow treasury team which, in the year Miliband’s father died, issued a document ‘Tackling Tax Abuses,’ condemning the use of Deeds of Variation. He then signs … a Deed of Variation. Disloyalty? Putting the prospect of personal gain before principle? Someone should tackle him about it.

    • IDS said publicly Ed Miliband appears to have practiced tax avoidance. Ed viciously launched a personal attack as a response. Boris Johnson has said plainly Ed has same motive as the Tories he is attacking. So fair no response from Ed! Coward.

  4. It’s about time somebody nailed Ed on this. Arrogantly, he clearly thinks that everyone is accountable but him. He has threatened British companies, now he needs to ‘fess up and show us those accounts!

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    Awesome piece!

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