Lefty media desperate to cover up Ed has committed the worst crime in politics

The Lefty press are tripping over themselves to reveal all the Tory companies who are doing tax avoidance.  Big Whoop.  Tax avoidance is legal, tell us something we don’t know. It’s all a massive smoke screen.edmunderfireThe worst crime in politics is preaching about something while doing it yourself.  Ken Livingstone made his reputation bashing bankers and was then revealed to  be using a legal tax haven.  It didn’t do a lot for his reputation, and he lost the election.

Ed Miliband was launching a full-on, red blooded attack on tax avoidance.  Legal or not, he squeaked piously, this is an evil practice!  Open your books or face international sanctions.  What a hero!

The trouble is, Ed was blithely ignoring he appears to have done tax avoidance himself, possibly on a long term basis.  First there was the tax loophole.  Then there were questions about Capital Gains.

It was then discovered that Ed has been taking donations from Price Waterhouse, who gives advice on tax avoidance on an industrial scale.

Ed’s credibility is in tatters and the moral high ground has been whipped from under him.    It appears he needs to put himself on his own blacklist.  He is demanding that companies open their books, but oddly, he will not present his own tax returns. He viciously attacked IDS for saying the truth,  that he himself appears to have indulged in tax avoidance.

Make no mistake, Ed Miliband is up to his neck in major trouble.  He is in freefall. Of all the political sins, hypocrisy is the worst, said Dan Hodges accurately   Let’s see Ed can get away with refusing to show his tax returns indefinitely.   It’s going to take a lot more than the Labour smoke  screen of listing all the Tories and Tory companies who have done legal tax avoidance to get him out of this one.

2 responses to “Lefty media desperate to cover up Ed has committed the worst crime in politics

  1. Reblogged this on A Riverside View and commented:
    Labour the do as we say not as we do party.

  2. Ed Miliband thinks it right to threaten British companies & order them to open their account or receive international sanctions. But believes he does not have to present his tax returns, even though others believe he has questions to answer.

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