Don’t give the SNP the chance to rule us! says Boris Johnson

In a passionate speech to the British people Boris Johnson urges us not to let in the SNP and allow them to rule this country.  A vote for Labour is a vote for SNP rule.Boris begins:  The truth is there have been things where it’s been difficult to get things moving because of the Liberal Democrats and there have been some reforms that we’ve wanted that haven’t been deliverable.borisbulldog“To give you one small example from my experience in London, some elements of the Tube unions are very militant and are inclined to strike for reasons we don’t think are sensible.

“I want some changes brought in that introduce a reasonable ballot threshold. The Conservatives are offering that this time around, that we would stop this kind of nonsense.

“You would still be able to strike if you have a big enough turnout. We’re not taking away the right to strike. We’re protecting the rights of union members being bullied by a minority. But the Lib Dems haven’t been letting us. That’s the sort of example where Lib Dem delay and Lib Dem dither have stopped us doing things in the economic interest of Britain. I want us to win outright.

“I also think a Conservative majority government wouldn’t have to govern at the behest of the SNP. I am concerned about the prospect of a coalition between Labour and the SNP.

“Labour would be endlessly feeding the beast, stoking the nationalistic aspirations of division in our country. It would be terrible. It’s an emotional thing. I feel we are better together. Britain is a great, great United Kingdom. Why would you want to split it up? I worry about that. And I want us to have a good solid majority and work to put that behind us.

“Similarly on Europe, the frustrations we have about some of the regulations could be multiplied many, many times over. Now the Lib Dems have a kind of congenital love of everything that emerges from Brussels and think it’s all brilliant. Nick Clegg in particular, he served in the Commission, he thinks that we’re all wrong about this. I don’t think we are wrong. You can reform the EU. It would be a positive thing but you have to go in there with a lot of guts and determination to pull it off and I think only Dave has got that.”

Praising the West Midlands, he added: “People in this part of the world understand that this is the heartland of the UK economy.

The West Midlands is and always has been one of the driving forces of UK success. It’s growing now faster even than London.

“Unemployment is falling faster here. It’s the only other place in the country where it’s happening at that rate.

So I think the story of the West Midlands over the last few years and what’s happening in Cannock is about private enterprise.

“But it’s private enterprise that’s there not just to fill the wallets of the fat cat, but delivering for the whole country and everyone in society.

“The way to win and hold a seat like Cannock Chase is to deliver solid, One Nation Conservatism for all society. That’s my view.”

Cannock Chase is a key marginal seat and one of the major battlegrounds of the General Election.

The Tories won it from Labour in 2010 with the largest swing anywhere in the country.

The current Conservative MP for Cannock Chase, Aidan Burley, is standing down after just one term.

UPDATE: 20/2/15   The SNP risks nuclear blackmail warns Boris Johnson.  Explanation in The Scotsman here.

18 responses to “Don’t give the SNP the chance to rule us! says Boris Johnson

  1. Do people realise how utterly dreadful this would be? Salmond has boasted that SNP will force far left policies on the UK and insist that Ed goes on a multi-billion spending spree. As if Ed and the Greens aren’t wacko enough!

  2. Heaven forbid that the Scottish people should have a role in running the UK: it’s not like they’re British, is it!
    Strangely, I don’t remember Boris fighting to secure an independence vote during the referendum: he appeared to support the idea we were all one British people. Surely, he wasn’t being disengenuous?

    • Why should Boris want an independence vote? Trouble is SNP has policies Tories simply don’t agree with. Greens are certanly British and they would be a disaster too. We don’t back Labour policy, or SNP policy, or Green policy, so obviously don’t want to be ruled by SNP. Are you saying it doesn’t matter who gets in as long as they British? Ludicrous attitude.

  3. Good grief, Boris Johnson typical Tory and all round” I’m all right jack ” neither the Tories or Labour are worth their salt given their record regarding Scotland. Hopefully the peop, e of Scotland will not be drawn into his rhetoric and Vote for the Party that has taken their best interests to heart.If SNP achieve more seats in the UK Parliament along with the Greens, it may liven up the ESTABLISHMENT and let them know that the British Electorate are fed up of the mess they have made of our Country over the years. Austerity and misery for thousands over these past 4.5 years and the Tories are now handing out crumbs and exaggerating , and more promises that will evaporate if they are voted in again.

    • Boris does not want the SNP in government in a coalition with Labour. Left wing policies from Gordon Brown, Nalls and Ed Miliband wrecked our economy. This is well documented. The Tories have got the economy and jobs marketgoing again, but another dose of tax and irresponsible spending will undo all the good done so far.

  4. well well, after all these years the people now are standing up for what they believe! what you have to remember is the scottish people have had a government forced upon them that they never voted for in the last 35 years, the same people have been governed by westminster for the the last 300 years and had to put up with that also, now that the scottish people’s voice has to be listened to the tory’s are shitting bricks along with the red tory’s called labour and they don’t know how to handle defeat, they are that used to getting their own way in westminster as they are really the same party tbh. i for one will be glad to see change, especially the way things are run from westminster, gone are the old draconian way of politics and gone is the time for one country to rule over another country’s sovereinty. the conservatives will not govern scotland and labour have sunk their own ship in scotland, it’s about time the people of scotland were listened to and that goes for the welsh people the irish people and the english people, westminster and it’s old guard style of look after ourselves politics is over, time for change, time for fairer politics for the people, not the rich elitest’s!

    • I understand your feelings, but you must remember this. Scotland voted to stay with us. They had the freedom to vote and picked being part of the UK. There are reasons for that.

      It is not that we do not love the Scottish people, we do. But the SNP are leftist leaning. Their policies would not bring stability to the UK stability sorely needed now. Boris Johnson points out Coalitions do not work. Nick Clegg has not been a good influence on the government. We need to do away with Coalitions. Boris is forward thinking, George Osborne agrees with him, they have the backing of the PM. They are by far the best choice and meanwhile Ed Miliband is working on his eighth economic plan!

  5. well scotland is ruled in westminster by the tories, they have ONE mp in Scotland yet they rule us, so the hypocrisy of this article is staggering!

    • You are not being very logical Brian. Scots were given a chance to vote for independence. The result was they voted to stay with us! So you had your chance. You really cannot complain.

      • The result of the vote was tainted by fear mongering by the tories and the labour governments, even the BBC had their part to play. The vote was won by a small majority and I truly believe that by now they too will be regretting their choice. I hope that another chance for independance comes along and that the decision of that vote will go in favour of Scotland’s independance. Not only would it be a well needed change for Scotland but for all of the countries which make up the present day UK, a change that could define the future of politics for all. It is time that we stopped listening to rich MP’s that have only 1 thing on the agenda which is to make themselves rich while the rest of us are left to scrape a menial living. We talk of austerity and poverty while they seem to take home more and more money. Time to get rid of the rich elitest’s and give the power back to the people, where it should have been all along.

      • Scots are far too strong and sensible to let strong inner conviction be affected by anything Tories and Labour say! 55.3% to 44.7%! That is not a tiny margin! The exaggerated claims of Salmond did his cause no favours, nor did the attitude of his supporters. Scottish people are not fools. They are not easily cowed. Their courage and independent thinking is illustrated throughout history. Scotland had their chance and you cannot blame anyone but yourselves if a certain, vocal number are not happy with the result.

        Many Scots people love the Royal family and love our Queen. You had your chance and your explanation that it was not a fair result is not believable.

  6. A lot of People voted No because they were lied to , the MSN were biased the whole time to Better together. 1 wk after the vote, Poles showed 52% would now vote for independence. If were all one big happy family what’s wrong with the SNP having a voice? We’ve have had governments for decades we didn’t vote for..

    • Many of the promises and facts provided by Alex Salmond were proved to be lied. Voters who wanted to stay with us had terrible tales of being bullied and harassed by people who worked for Salmond. No to Independence had a clear majority. You had your chance and lost.

  7. The election was run fairly, any dodgy dealngs and fibbing came from Salmond. He was beaten fair and square, get over it.

  8. Oh my goodness. Vote for a goverment that puts their pervert friends first, that sanction the disabled and lets their rich tax dodging friends line their pockets. Why not put them in prison like you do for non payment of litter fines..Super goverment that closes hospital beds but spends £15M on a dead person. There were and are greater people that has achieved more for Britain and the rest of the world in a year than what that evil pedo loving woman….A goverment that only looks out for London and not the Midlands or the rest of England like they lie so often about. His first positive was about London. If they don’t want to be Nuclear blackmailed, then take your trident and place it in London, worry over. You will be out of there soon enough, it’s about time a decent woman like Nicola showed you how to govern a country! Run away now and go play Wastemonster else where, this country do not need nor want you any longer.

  9. I’m fairly sure the perma-embarrassment that is boris wanted Scotland to stay in the uk. But now he doesn’t want mp’s who the people in Scotland may vote in to have a say in how the uk is run? Did someone mention hypocrisy….. Are we not a big cuddly family of nations anymore? The various ignorant attacks, like hesseltine, et al on QT last night, show it’s back to business as usual in terms of attitudes towards Scotland. Don’t worry though, as already stated the support for indy is still climbing and with the way things are going at westminster, the increasing lurch to the right allied to euroscepticism and thinly veiled racism, referendum number two will be with us fairly soon and we’ll be out of your hair. So you don’t need to worry about mp’s from Scotland, who aren’t tied into the establishment and the old boys network set up to protect the few, coming down and providing an alternative to the various shades of tory that those in England get to choose from (Greens aside obviously).

    The myth that new labour have ever been left of centre is another hilarious lie, left of the tories and ukip yes, but they haven’t been remotely left looking since John Smith was in charge. Flip camerons head over and you’ll see blair looking back at you.
    By the way angelnstar, bullied and harassed by people who worked for Salmond? Some nice liable right there… Your understanding of the political landscape and that which surrounded the referendum is somewhat lacking, although I don’t blame you as the msm’s reporting of what went on, and what actually went on, are actually quite far apart. The appetite for politics, and understanding of it in Scotland, hasn’t been this high for a long time…

  10. You had your chance. If many voted to stay, out of fear of the unknown, Salmond has to hold his hand up and accept that his inflated claims for the future put people off and his grandiose, aggressive speeches were not what the Scottish people wanted to here.

    He needs to take responsibility for blowing it. He clearly misread the public mood.

  11. I agree. OK, many Scots are security minded. Why didn’t Salmond understand and play to that? that is what an election is, a chance to reassure peoples’ doubts and fears. So he clearly failed to do that then!

    Maybe this is why the British people have massive doubts about a Coalition between the SNP and Labour! Impractical, out of touch, heedless of our defence, far far far too risky!!

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