Kippers complain about bias and unfairness from Ch.4, now they know how Muslims feel

The Channel 4 TV spoof programme on life under UKIP succeeded beyond its wildest dreams. Kippers are going ballistic. A UKIP government, said Channel 4 would see the country plunged into chaos, with race riots on the street and thuggish yobs threatening everyone who might be unemployed  and MuslimukipprogWe welcome immigrants who contribute to the UK with open arms, bellowed Kippers on the progamme.  But if you are an illegal, heaven help you! Tough, anti-immigration squads were reported to be attacking the same ethnic restaurant owners night after night.  Neil Hamilton was Deputy PM for goodness sakes.  A whole 700 people have complained to Ofcom, and according to the biased Daily Express, they are screaming bias, Kippers are being victimised, how unfair is this?

When Nigel Farage went on FOX News, a channel known to be highly prejudiced against all Muslims,  and started talking about Muslim ghettos and Sharia law, did he pause to think of the worry and upset he is causing innocent people?  People who care for their families, work hard, and have never hurt anybody in their lives?  All they want is peace with their neighbours. Does he realise how they worry about the safety of their wives and children?

How does Mr. Farage think these people feel when on twitter, his supporters are loudly complaining that it is impossible to be British and also a Muslim?

Yes, the programme was over the top, biased and unfair.  Yes, it painted a worst case scenario.  Yes, Nigel Farage and most Kippers are being meanly singled out, picked on, and painted as (hopefully) they are not.  Not a nice feeling is it, Nigel.  It’s only a spoof programme and look at the fuss you are making.  Imagine putting up with all that worry on a daily basis.

Imagine that you were genuinely worried about your wife and children suffering unpleasantness every day.  Imagine that some gobby bloke was mouthing off on racist channels, without making careful distinctions between extremists and ordinary nice people like you and your wife and family.  And imagine that this same gobby guy was doing absolutely nothing to rein in some of the violent, insulting talk on twitter that you knew from the bottom of your heart you did not deserve.

You are badly hurting lovely people.  Don’t irresponsibly mouth off on racist channels like FOX News and rein in your ignorant tweeters.  Time for a rethink.

UPDATE:19/2/15.  ICM poll shows that UKIP support has slumped to 9%!  More bad news.  EVERY UKIP marginal seat likely to go to the Tories!  That’s what happens when you spend your time mouthing off against decent British citizens on toxic, racist tv channels like FOX News!  I feel I’m entitled to say this.  I TOLD YOU SO!

4 responses to “Kippers complain about bias and unfairness from Ch.4, now they know how Muslims feel

  1. Since Nigel Farage has appeared on Fox News, his party’s ratings slumped to 9% in the gold standard ICM poll. At one state he was on 20%. Voters are turning away from the smaller parties, the majority do not want coalition.

  2. Let Nigel know what it feels like to be treated unfairly. He needs to understand actions have consequences and should think more carefully before he starts mouthing off!

    • Does it even cross Nigel’s mind how much hurt and worry he is causing to totally innocent Muslim families.

      • No it doesn’t cross Nigel’s mind. He only scores if things go badly for us! If there are race riots and hate speech, he scores BIG.

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