Ed Miliband is now under suspicion of avoiding Capital Gains tax

The pressure on Ed Miliband over tax avoidance isn’t going away.  Now it isn’t just the Deed of  Variation he is accused of using to avoid tax.  Something very dodgy over Capital Gains tax has reared its ugly head.edsneerEd and Justine were living together, and they each owned separate flats.  Eventually they bought a large family home, which they still share.  They both sold their separate flats, but neither of them paid Capital Gains tax. They both claimed the flats as their primary residences..   The full details are here.

Ed Miliband could so easily make all this speculation and all the accusations go away.  He only has to release his tax returns.  The public is entitled to transparency.  By ignoring this, Ed is showing contempt for the people.  It is unbelievably arrogant to simply ignore the concerns of voters. .   So come on Ed.  What is the problem and what do you have to hide?

UPDATE: 19/2/15  Ed Miliband turns vicious and launches personal attack on IDS, when IDS says, quite rightly, it appears that Ed Miliband has practiced tax avoidance.

BAD TO WORSE.  Ed Miliband now stands accused of taking donations from Price Waterhouse, who gives advice on tax avoidance on an industrial scale!

4 responses to “Ed Miliband is now under suspicion of avoiding Capital Gains tax

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  2. Open your books, or face international sanctions cried Ed! So now there are questions to answer, why won’t he present his own tax returns?

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  4. Ed is showing huge arrogance refusing to submit tax returns. He preaches to British companies, but is doing it himself? This is what brought down Livingstone.

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