Thugs R Us Part 2. Steve Hedley attacks Nick Ferrari on air

In one of the most bizarre radio interviews ever, Steve Hedley, Gen. Secretary of the RMT, launched into a vicious tirade against Nick Ferrari of LBC,  who was interviewing him from the US on the forthcoming tube strike. Nick, a high respected interviewer, is in New York with unlimited access to Boris Johnson on his trade mission to the US.ferrarihedleyTfL are refusing to rehire a driver who was found to be drunk on the job, and failed two breathalysers.  When Mr. Ferrari stood firm that it was unreasonable to expect the driver to get hs job back, Hedley launched into a foul mouthed personal rant against him.

There is an intriguing twist to this incident. In 2011, Steve Hedley was convicted of assault.  He attacked a man who crossed the picket line.

In April,  2013, Hedley was being investigated for physical, emotional and verbal abuse by a lady called Caroline Leneghan.  This complaint was finally withdrawn in July of that year.   Such appalling behaviour will do the image of the RMT no good at all.  Steve is the General Secretary.  Is this the sort of thug who is holding London to ransom over the lost job of a driver, drunk on the job?

Nigel Holness, London Underground (LU) operations director for the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines, said: “As we have made clear, strike threats will not alter our commitment to safety, nor will they make us consider reinstating a driver who failed two alcohol breath tests.”

One response to “Thugs R Us Part 2. Steve Hedley attacks Nick Ferrari on air

  1. Poor poor Nick Ferrari! What a disgraceful attack on a hardworking and respected newsman! Steve Hedley is just a thug, and his reputation is none of the best!

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