Boris Johnson proves to the US he is “Boston strong”

He was warned to “Get out of Dodge” and told to give up on the Boston endeavour because of bad weather.   Seven foot snowdrifts and a stonking snow storm would have daunted lesser spirits, but Boris Johnson is made of sterner stuff.borisboston8Nobody was frolicking and gambolling over the snowy parks that topped the underground traffic tunnel – except Boris that is.  High spirits undimmed by a little matter of the worst snow storm in Boston in modern times, he was in tearing spirits. Boris now wants to put major roads into tunnels.  Better for clean air, traffic neatly tucked out of the way underground, what could be better?  The Greens will love it!   The details are here.

In addition, City AM reported today that the trade mission is off to a flying start with a £26 million investment in life sciences and technology companies from two US companies.  “The new investment will buoy the recently established MedCity, a collaboration between the Greater London Authority and three London medical schools, which aims to boost life sciences in London and the South East of England.  It’s working to build a community of angel investors, while partnering with the London Stock Exchange to engage general brokers and investors.”

On Wednesday, Boris is set for a meeting with  Hillary Clinton, to discuss, amongst other things, the need to step up the fight against terror jihadis.  In two polls, the percentage of Brits in favour of this is over 90%.

On Thursday, he is heading to Washington. Boris’s decision to truck on has been proved right.  The interview acclaiming his fortitude and describing him as “Boston strong”  is here. The headline was  ‘Brilliant Boris beats Boston’s Bombogenesis!’ Update:  London’s tech sector is attracting record investment, spurred on by Boris’s Trade Mission.  Read details here.

update:  At their meeting, Boris Johnson impressed and charmed Hillary Clinton, who described him as “quite a guy!”

One response to “Boris Johnson proves to the US he is “Boston strong”

  1. Thanks to brilliant Boris, billions of investment and buisness deals flooding into the UK. His enterprise and vision saved London, he will do the same for the UK.

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