Showing leadership three times sees Boris at top of ConHome poll

On January 30th, Boris was the Sun’s Hero of the week for showing leadership three times.  He deglamorised terrorism by ridiculing jihadis and calling them “w……..s”: he insisted leaving the EU “wouldn’t be disastrous” and he described his dream job in the Cabinet, one to sell the major need for change across the country as the only way we will grow to a nervous British public.boriscloseup3Over jihadis, the  Sun said: “More and more these days, there is a serious political point to the colourful Mayor of London’s humour. And boy did he hit the target by revealing MI5’s psychological profiling of young British jihadis as porn-obsessed losers – or, “literally w*****s”, as he inimitably called them.

In doing this, Boris grasped the nettle that so many others have not dared to: he called out the sad fanatics for what they are. Cue the inevitable faux uproar the next day from the usual poe-faced lefties. But where lesser politicians would have buckled, Boris stood firm to swat away suggestions that he needed to apologise as “extraordinary”.”

Upon his return from Kurdistan, on January 26th, he strongly urged that we should be giving the Kurds more support.

On 5th February, the BBC reported : MPs urge UK to step up fight against jihadists”. The UK’s role in fighting jihadists is strikingly modest and should be stepped up, say MPs.

Influential ConHome has just announced:  “Boris back on top in our  Party members leadership survey”, albeit two points above the next contender.  Heavyweights George Osborne and Grant Shapps gave rock solid support to Boris’s comments on jihadis.

A record 80% voted for David Cameron as the man to lead to Tories into the next election.  Recently, Michael Gove said Boris Johnson has been an outstanding Mayor.

In wildly uncertain times, this unity and firmness of purpose on all counts is showing the right stuff.

One response to “Showing leadership three times sees Boris at top of ConHome poll

  1. Boris was absolutely right to cut the jihadis down to size. Their cruel murders are designed to enhance their mystique as fearsome warriors, let people see them for what they are. Maladjusted individuals, who are compensating for their failure in forming healthy relationships.

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