Spendthrift Ed Miliband’s bill for chauffeur driven private limos is £63,000 a month!

Far from showing prudence with public funds, Ed Miliband is as spendthrift as his brother David when it comes to his own personal comfort, in spite of his leftie values.   There are red faces in the Labour Party that Ed’s bill for personal travel last year came to a mind boggling £63,000 A MONTH. Ed preaches about the struggles of the poor, but spent a stonking £757,000 on chauffeur driven cars in  one year.limoWhen he was Foreign Secretary, David Miliband used the royal jet more than the Queen, in fact twice as often. As Foreign Secretary, he was supposed to use the Royal Jet only when ordinary flights were not available.  David Miliband though insisted on using the plane, at the vast cost of £2,342, for even short haul destinations.

 The Daily Mail reported: “Since becoming Foreign Secretary in June last year, Mr Miliband has used the Queen’s aircraft for trips to 13 European destinations. On July 18 last year he went to Paris and Berlin, followed by two days in Brussels the following week. There were also visits to Bucharest, Ankara, Istanbul, Rome, Madrid, Portugal, Luxembourg, Florence and Davos in Switzerland.  The Foreign Office was unable to say how much Mr Miliband’s journeys had cost the taxpayer.”

The Miliband brothers obviously have delusions of grandeur and spare themselves nothing when their own personal comfort is concerned.  The brothers caused dismay by using a legal tax loophole that vastly decreased inheritance tax when their father died.  This loophole was condemned by Gordon Brown as tax abuse and appalled more proletariat members of the Labour Party.

Ed Miliband poses as a man of the people, someone who empathises with the struggles of the poor and who would do anything to alleviate them.  Wouldn’t you think then that tax loopholes would be beneath high minded leftie Ed, and that he would die rather than deprive the state of a penny of any tax owed?  Especially since his dad Ralph, was a Marxist and don’t they believe that property is theft?

Nick Clegg also loves the champagne lifestyle.  When he became Deputy Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who uses his bike whenever possible, chided Nick “Get rid of the posh limos!”  Nick too, like Ed,  preaches non-stop about the struggles of the poor.  Ed Miliband is Labour’s very own Marie Antoinette.  He pretends sympathy, but “Let them eat cake!” is what he is actually thinking.

The truth is that as far as Cleggers and the Miliband brothers are concerned, the talk of “caring” is all hot air.  They are hypocrites, care only about themselves and charity begins and ends at home.

5 responses to “Spendthrift Ed Miliband’s bill for chauffeur driven private limos is £63,000 a month!

  1. They are just spoiled with no idea of how people struggle. To waste money on chauffered limos is the height of irresponsibility! What is wrong with public transport!

  2. “Especially since his dad Ralph, was a Marxist and don’t they believe that property is theft?” – err, no. “All property is theft” was a slogan of the Proudhonists, Marx, in fact, pointed out that the concept is logically flawed, as “theft” implies a pre-existing “property”

    • You’ve told me this before, I swear, and we had a long argument about it. I just quoted a bit from the first blog, forgetting you objected the first time.

      • Leon Greenwell

        I thought something similar had happened. Marx was trying to avoid the “utopianism” (fantasy “goodness”), that is giving me hemorrhoids currently. Richard Dawkins by no means invented this, but is a convenient patsy at this time! I like his *history* of science, by the way, and “The God Delusion” should be compulsory reading for Religious Studies, but his “goodness” politics is “spiritual halitosis”, and “political candyfloss”

        Be assured that “it” is, most definitely, “malarkey”!

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