Green policies – the manifesto of madness

When Andrew Neil interviewed Natalie Bennett on BBC Sunday Politics this week, the full horror of the policies of the Green Party were revealed.

From left, Nathalie Bennett, Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones

From left, Nathalie Bennett, Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones

The eyebrow raising, jawdropping horror of their plans includes abolishing the Army in favour of a home defence force and the gradual removal of all immigration controls. They are anti-economic growth and want to decriminalise cannabis and class A and B drugs.greenmanifestoAnyone who attends Mayor’s Question Time every month gets the message that Green Jenny Jones is anti law and order.  In spite of the much vaunted Green claim that they are in favour of free speech and respect everyones’ belief, their claim doesn’t include Tories.

Green member Darren Johnson is the only Chairman who ignores the ban on heckling in the City  Hall Chamber.  Darren encourages heckling so the audience cannot hear Boris Johnson,  the Mayor.

I know from experience that if you support and defend the Mayor, you are subjected to virulent personal abuse from Green Jenny Jones.  In politics, sadly, the Greens are the nadir.

6 responses to “Green policies – the manifesto of madness

  1. Cannot believe this is serious! They actually want to get rid of the army, restrict the police and legalise ISIL? Do they want ISIL to take over, rule us and kill us all, that is what would happen! Terrorists would move in and take control.

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