Army men strongly approve of Boris’s “politician’s uniform”

When Boris was in Erbil, Kurdistan last week, the picture of him prone on the ground like a sniper with a rifle immediately went viral.  But there was criticism in the media of the way he fired an AK-47  wearing a dark suit, shirt and tie.boriskurdistanArmy officers strongly disagreed though.  Dominic Lawson in The Daily Mail reported: “An Army officer friend, to whom I showed the picture, strongly disagreed.

He said:  ‘The men would be very pleased about that. They can’t bear the way party leaders and visiting ministers turn up in chinos and open shirts. It’s not showing respect. Soldiers like uniforms. And if the politicians’ uniform is suit and tie, then that’s what they should wear when they visit us — not bloody casual kit.’

Unlike most other politicians, Boris seems to have an instinctive sense for these things.

2 responses to “Army men strongly approve of Boris’s “politician’s uniform”

  1. This picture went viral, Boris knows how to grab the front page.

    • Interesting that he did the right thing and wore a suit! Nearly every other leader dresses down and looks sloppy and inappropriate. I can understand that army men, professionals to their fingertips, prefer him to dress smartly, wonder how Boris knows these things.

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