Isn’t something wrong when the last leadership debates were won by the most ruthless liar?

The other party leaders and the media are jumping all over David Cameron because of his attitude to the leadership debates, and Nick Clegg has described the PM’s attitude as “unsustainable and slightly laughable”.  Well, he would, wouldn’t he?cleggsneakThe winner of the 2010 leadership debates was undoubtedly Cleggers, the most dishonest, venal and treacherous politician in the country.  In spite of milking the public by fiddling his expenses as a MEP for two years, Nick Clegg, without flinching, used the debates to accuse David Cameron and Gordon Brown of corruption.  Quite a feat for most politicians, but Nick pulled it off without missing a beat.  He had the nerve to remark blithely on his LBC show “I thought I did rather well!”  Eh?

Not so long ago, David Cameron came under massive fire for refusing to wear a “This is what a feminist looks like” T shirt.  He followed his instinct and stood firm to universal press ridicule – until a stonking 66% of voters said he was right, and everyone else was wrong. The stunt spectacularly blew up in the faces of the ELLE team,  Harman, Miliband and Clegg when only 14% thought the PM was wrong and Ed and Nick looked like little sissies in the T shirt, manufactured by exploiting foreign workers.

Over the leadership debates, maybe David Cameron is right again.  If a politician as disastrously dishonest and unreliable as Nick Clegg, who has broken his word repeatedly to voters and his Coalition partners, (even breaking the Coalition agreement)  can come out on top, isn’t something dreadfully wrong?

How can anything of value come out of a debate made up of seven people?  If the Greens, UKIP and the SNP are included, it will either turn into a shouting match or a beauty contest.  A straight debate between the PM and Ed Miliband makes more sense.  The minor parties could then have their own debate. But how can democracy possibly be served if 2015 is a rerun of 2010 and the winner is the politician best at faking sincerity,  preaching like Moses, who is the most ruthless and accomplished liar? Maybe we should scrap these debagtes altogether.

3 responses to “Isn’t something wrong when the last leadership debates were won by the most ruthless liar?

  1. Reblogged this on A Riverside View and commented:
    These American presidential style debates are a load of nonsense anyway. They are unsuitable to our political system and were pushed by television companies who wanted to rake in advertising revenue.

  2. If it happened with LibDems, it could happen with Greens, who are also unknown! Natalie Bennett Green policies just horrendous, but ignorant, idealistic voters could fall for Greens because they don’t know how dangerous they really are.

  3. It’s a terrible thought. Nick Clegg is telegenic and an accomplished liar. He has done tremendous damage to the Tory Party, he betrayed the students and broke the coalition agreement but he still won the debates.

    Are these debates as important as people are making out?

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