Brilliant strategy of Lynton Crosby is forcing Labour onto the back foot

He did it twice before, masterminding two wins in London to make Boris Mayor and he is doing it again.  A shrewd use of Tory assets, a clear, powerful economic message, and the uniting of the various talents of George Osborne, our PM and Boris Johnson means Lynton Crosby is slowly but surely gaining ground for the Tories for GE15.boriskurdistanSo successful have the Tories been economically that Christine Lagarde of the IMF publicly endorsed the UK and the PM and Chancellor.  To the fury of Labour, President Obama pointedly ignored Labour and embraced David Cameron as his “bro” showering him with compliments on the UK’s economic success. George and Dave are smart enough to know that Boris has too much to offer to be sidelined.  At the moment, with the approval of the Tory government, Boris is wielding a Kalashnikov in Kurdistan.  More importantly, he is boosting trade links with the area, a job in which his success for London has shown he is ideally suited.

Boris is also responsible for the Met Police, so it’s definitely useful for him to have first hand access to terror  information.

All devoted Boris supporters want is that he is given a chance to use his outstanding talents in the service of this country.  We have a PM, who will continue after the Tories win in GE15.  From the way Boris boosted the London economy and revived the jobs market, it is clear that forging trade links and creating business opportunities is absolutely his forte. You only have to read the demoralised comments of Labour supporters to see that they have been forced onto the back foot by Lynton’s strategy.

Lefty tweeters are now totally defensive, with no successes or winning policy ideas to offer.  They rarely mention Ed Miliband, except in apologetic terms.  Lefties in the social media are always negative, reduced to sniping, moaning and taking feeble pot shots at Boris. George, the PM and Boris make a formidable triumvirate.  Stick together and they are too strong for Labour, whose shadow team is floundering and uninspired.    The three of them are unbeatable, as long as they  stick to the strategy and they all play fair.

One response to “Brilliant strategy of Lynton Crosby is forcing Labour onto the back foot

  1. Crosby absolutely brilliant in masterminding the mayoral elections, and he is doing a great job now. Labour wasted their money on David Axelrod, what good has he done them? Nothing!

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