Give Labour and the fire authority the choice of building schools or a big fat profit and money wins every time!

Today at Mayor’s Question Time, Labour Assembly Member Fiona Twycross clashed with Boris Johnson because he wants three fire stations sold at below market value to provide much needed schools.  Fiona is backing the fire authority who want to sell the stations to the highest bidder to build luxury flats.schoolkids2Luxury flats? The two dirtiest words in City Hall!  How often have Labour Assembly members piously berated the Mayor  for building luxury flats as well as social housing and properties for middle income buyers,  even though it is his job to provide housing for people of all levels of income?

The Mayor “only cares about money”!   He heartlessly ignores the needs of the poor to service the rich!   “Caring” Labour think only of the needs of the poor,  people before profit, etc. etc. and similar claptrap.

Mayorwatch reported:  “The stations at Silvertown, Southwark Bridge Road and Bow were closed as part of last year’s budget cuts and were due to be sold on the open market to the highest bidder.

However the Mayor has written to members of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA), encouraging them to accept bids from the Government’s Education Funding Agency which would use the sites to deliver new schools. …… Use of the Southwark site as a free school is backed by the local Labour council. “

So when there is a chance to do something really worthwhile, like building badly needed schools, wouldn’t you think it’s a no brainer and the fire authority and Fiona would rush to further the worthwhile cause of giving kids an education?

Not a chance.  Fiona Twycross was blind to the contradiction, and like the fire authority, is violently opposed.   Turns out that Labour and the fire authority are just as venal as the top 1%. After budget cuts, so desperate are they to avoid losing £30 million, they are prepared to go to court to get their mitts on the cash.  They are taking legal advice.

So now we know the truth about Labour.  If it’s a choice between helping children by building schools or a big fat profit, kick the kids out the way, money wins every time!

2 responses to “Give Labour and the fire authority the choice of building schools or a big fat profit and money wins every time!

  1. I suppose we knew this all along, but this is a very sad story.

    • I know. And after non-stop preaching at Boris about how “caring” Labour is, and all he cares about is money, they do an about face, but the irony totally escapes them.

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