Poll proves Boris Johnson is still the UK’s most trusted politician

In the most recent poll from Edelman Editions, Boris Johnson was once again voted the most truthful politician in the UK.   It is so important that voters feel they are not being lied to.  The truth is sometimes complex and hard to explain.  Boris doesn’t compromise that.boriscaringIt seems from the survey though there is same cynicism and disillusionment about politicians as before. (see below)

These are some of the conclusions from the survey.

The UK is drifting in the ‘trust doldrums’, as trust in government, business and media flatline.
• People are desperate for honesty and fair play, leading to stagnating trust levels despite an economy returning to growth
• NGOs in the UK are the worst hit, as people start to see NGOs behaving like businesses
• Trust in media in the UK stagnates as people blame publications for the motivations behind the media mishaps of 2014, rutted in commercial interests before public interests
• Companies headquartered in the UK are trusted globally by 70%, just 6% below chart-topping Sweden.
• Boris Johnson remains the UK’s most trusted politician to ‘speak [his] mind’ (66%), with Nigel Farage becoming more trusted year-on-year (61%)
• Less than half of the UK population trust a political leader to return £10 if they lent it to them

There was a mixed response when people were polled on which politicians would return the loan of a £10 note.  One man said they all would, and I think this is right.  One of the people who said Boris would, when asked why, said “He has soul. ”

Unlike most politicians, Boris Johnson has a massive personal following.  That’s one of the reasons why.

2 responses to “Poll proves Boris Johnson is still the UK’s most trusted politician

  1. Who else would it be? I suppose Nigel Farage also quite truthful. To a point. He says what he believes is right anyway.

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