Get your head shot off! Wear jihadi chic!

The lunatic fringe of fashion is at the moment, obsessed with a look so stupid, it’s hard to believe anyone will buy even one garment.

The Daily Mail reported:  “At first sight, this could be one of the hooded, black-clad terrorists involved in the Paris shootings.  In reality, it is a male model on a London catwalk, promoting military-influenced ‘utility-chic’ designer wear.jihadichicWith highly dubious timing, fashion label Maharishi continued with its show as world leaders joined a million-strong march in Paris today to remember those killed in the outrage. “

So realistic is the gear, it’s hard to tell it from the real thing.  So you run the risk of getting your head shot off it you are daft enough to put it on. The only time anyone would wear this is if they are on a suicide mission.


3 responses to “Get your head shot off! Wear jihadi chic!

  1. Who is going to be stupid enough to wear this? And when they are toting Kalyahnikovs on their backs, how are the police supposed to know if they are real?

  2. Ah, the eternal question! Why is nothing we see at the Paris/London/New York fashion show every seen in the high street? Answer, it is absolute rubbish. Put that on an average Briton and see how it looks. How about someone does an audit of the fashion houses, how much of this rubbish do they actually sell?

    Give the world clothes they can wear on a daily basis, and you make a fortune. Why should I buy a Country Roads polo shirt for $A80, which is made in China, when I can buy a Rivers 100% cotton one for $A8 made in Pakistan. True there is the ethical issue, but which one is worse?

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