Green Jenny Jones’ sex complaint slapped down by head of Royal Protection Squad

Green Jenny Jones’ concern that undercover officers are having sex with potential witnesses was rejected in August last year, for lack of evidence, but Jenny has now switched to another area of potential sexual misbehaviour involving the cops.   Some pretty wild parties were regularly held at Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida mansion, and these were attended by Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew at Heidi Klum's Christmas party

Prince Andrew at Heidi Klum’s Christmas party

Prince Andrew’s bodyguards were accused yesterday by London Assembly members of turning a blind eye during his visits to a paedophile friend’s ‘house of sin’.

Jenny Jones, the Green deputy chairman of the Assembly Police and Crime committee, said: ‘The Met Commissioner should look into this as a matter of urgency. Caroline Pidgeon also voiced concerns.   Jenny said:  ‘These are under-age sex allegations and I do have a problem with officers – that we, as taxpayers, fund – going to events like these alleged parties.

‘The Commissioner needs to start asking questions about what these officers saw and what Prince Andrew did or didn’t get up to.’

However, Peter Prentice, who headed the royalty protection squad at the time of the Epstein parties told Jenny Jones “It is not an offence for a man or woman to be naked in a private house”.

He also suggested he would ‘not expect a protection officer to question ages’ of young girls because of the difficulties involved.  ‘Every day of the week, clubs or bars are being fooled and duped,’ added the retired chief superintendent.

‘Protection officers are there purely to ensure their [the royals’] safety. Their role does not include questions of morality. The only compromise to this is, of course, if there is a question of legality. Then I would expect the protection officer to take advice from a senior officer or supervisor.’

Although party loving Prince Andrew is known to have had a close and clearly unsuitable friendship with billionaire Epstein, there is no evidence that he ever engaged in sex with underage girls.  Buckingham Palace has repeatedly insisted that for Andrew ‘any suggestion of impropriety with under-age minors is categorically untrue’.

Members of the Assembly Police and Crime Committee are assiduous  in policing any irregular legover situations regarding the Met, so it is good to know that so far, the cops are off the hook.

3 responses to “Green Jenny Jones’ sex complaint slapped down by head of Royal Protection Squad

  1. Of course the Met. Royal Protection Squad are not there to judge anyone’s morals. Nor are London Assembly members, maybe someone should tell Green Jenny Jones.

  2. As the Met officer said, it is not against the law to be naked in a private house, unless the law has been broken, it’s none of Green Jenny Jones’ business what went on. #noseyparker

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