Jeremy Kyle MP. Could the King of Chav TV go into politics?

Intriguingly, he won’t rule it out.  Jeremy Kyle, King of Chav TV, known for his outrageous one liners, ( Put something on the end of it!), is refusing to deny he might go into politics.kyleLabour or Tory?  Nobody knows.  Labour tried to enlist his help in getting young people back to work in 2008, but his tough love, hard as nails attitude to drug addicts, alcoholics, and lazy bums who refuse to work pegs him as a Tory voter.

During his first 15-month marriage,the chatshow host weaved an intricate web of lies in an attempt to cover his own destructive and expensive gambling habit. According to Kirsty, his first wife,  he took money from her bank account without her permission or knowledge, racking up thousands of pounds in debt in order to fund his addiction.

And, for reasons Kirsty still cannot explain, Kyle also made up a series of astonishing stories about himself which destroyed her trust and ultimately ruined their relationship.

On his show, confrontational Jeremy demands his guests tell the truth, no matter how shameful or embarrassing. In his own life, however, he was a Walter Mitty character, shamelessly claiming – falsely as it turned out – that he was dying from a serious illness and bragging that he had inherited a substantial sum of money. Needless to say, the money never materialised.

It is because he managed to beat his own addiction and found redemption that he is so hugely successful in breaking down the excuses of people still ruled by their demons.  He is pitiless in calling people out on their lies and brilliant at forcing them to drop the excuses and face themselves.

He hammers home the message that once a couple has had a child, that child comes first, not them.  He tackles addicts gripped by heroin,  alcoholics losing their families because they can’t give up the drink.  “Look at me!” rants Jeremy, forcing them to look him in the eyes.  If he sees the desire to change there, off they go to rehab.  If not, he kicks them off his stage.  (“Do one!”)  He brutally reveals the low standards of girls who sleep around, urging them to set the bar higher.   One young lady rang the show to ask for a DNA test to find the father of her baby.  It turned out that there were seven possible fathers. Then, if someone has stolen, or cheated, there is the pitiless test of the Lie Detector.

Voters continually hurl the same accusation at politicians – that they don’t understand ordinary people, they have no clue what people go through, they are out of touch.  Whatever his faults, whatever his love of sensationalising the depths of human depravity, no-one could ever level that accusation at Jeremy Kyle.

8 responses to “Jeremy Kyle MP. Could the King of Chav TV go into politics?

  1. Nobody could accuse Jeremy Kyle of not understanding the working classes.

  2. I think that “Lie Detector” is long overdue, particularly in the current situation of the Duke of York. It’s amazing that, like tazers, it disappears from US law enforcement as soon as it might be useful

    • The Lie Detector is a very useful test. There is no evidence yet that the Duke of York has indulged in the evil behaviour of paedo Jeffrey Epstein. If evidence is found, he deserves the same treatment as anyone else who behaved in that way. Jeffrey Epstein is a vile sexual predator, certainly no fit friend for a member of the Royal family.

      Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz is suing the lady concerned and has accused her of being a serial liazr. Until there is total clarity in this situation, we must assume innocence of Prince Andrew.

      • Oddly enough, according to Wikipedia, “Epstein passed a lie detector test in which he was asked whether he knew of the under-age status of the girls ” Perhaps people ought to be a bit more careful – I’d have certainly supposed that the Duke of York should have been warned if he was moving into inadvisable areas

  3. The friendship with Epstein is a totally unsuitable connection, which demeans the Royal Family, the most devoted Royal reporters have admitted that!

    • It’s a shame this has happened. I remember my mother coming home to tell me that the Queen had given birth to a son – somewhere down the end of our road lol

      • I know, agree with you. Prince not a good judge of character. The Queen has tried so hard to maintain reputation of the Royals, she must be so upset.

      • If you look at that photograph, with his arm round the girl, it doesn’t look like there is anything not mutually acceptable going on

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