Could libellous tweets about Prince Andrew land tweeters in jail?

At the moment, there are only allegations, but no proper evidence regarding the accusations of the lady who was the sex slave of Jeffrey Epstein.  On #Ask Boris this morning,  Boris Johnson applauded the good work done by Prince Andrew.Prince AndrewIn response, some tweeters made comments that were ill advised to say the least.  Sally Bercow was found guilty of libel regarding her tweet about Lord McAlpine, when she falsely hinted he was a paedophile.  Michael Crick, who started the rumour, should feel guilty to his dying day. Read how the inaccurate report in Newsnight came about here.

An article in 2013, warned tweeters of the danger of commenting on ongoing court cases.  You could be in contempt of court.

The article says:  “But the judiciary now recognises they need to help inform the public about the legal pitfalls of commenting when it could be seen as prejudicial to a court case or those involved.”tweeterscontemptLawyer Victoria Tomlinson said:  “Earlier this year, Sally Bercow was successfully prosecuted and fined £100k for libelling Lord McAlpine.  This led to my appearing on Breakfast TV – and the point I made was that we all have to stop thinking that social media is different from ‘mainstream’ life.  The internet is not something remote from our main life.”

We all need to be aware we cannot throw wild accusations around on twitter, when people are accused but could be innocent.  This is particularly important if a court case is ongoing, or a situation is being investigated.  Smearing others without evidence is becoming a national pastime;  a destructive tendency that should be nipped in the bud right now.

2 responses to “Could libellous tweets about Prince Andrew land tweeters in jail?

  1. Prince Andrew being tried by twitter judge and jury. Forget innocent until proven guilty. He is hung, drawn and quartered. Wrong and unfair.

    • Law here is innocent until proven guilty, but twitter storm backs off when people realise they could be sued. #sallybercow

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