If you believe in law and order, don’t vote Green!

Once again at Mayor’s Question Time yesterday, Boris Johnson had cause to chide Green Jenny Jones for her hatred and unrelenting criticism of the Met Police.  It is not that Jenny does not have the right to call the Met. to account, she does. But the torrent of criticism she unleashes, never a good word to say, is definitely over the top.greenjennyjonesOn 28th March 2014,  I wrote:  “After months, no,  years,  of good natured calm, patient rebuttal and reasonable explanation, Boris Johnson finally showed his anger yesterday at yet more attempts by certain London Assembly members to undermine the police.  According to YouGov,trust in the police has remained steadfast, in spite of Plebgate and further revelations about the Lawrence case…..

I later wrote: “As long ago as 2010, during the student riots, the Met were dealing with a high level of violence, with only their shields and batons.  Then the police were spat at, had snooker balls and paint thrown at them, were pulled from their horses and were hit with iron bars. Many of the “student” rioters wore masks.  Germany were already using water cannon by then, but these attacks against the police were accepted with perfect equanimity by Left wing Assembly members, as was wide scale looting that stretched over 4 entire days.   When police tactics were discussed at Mayor’s QT on December 15th 2010, Jenny Jones’ only concern was the one complaint there had been about violence by a cop against a rioter.”

Jenny is also a regular figure at the demos of Occupy campaigners, offering support and whipping up media sympathy against the police.

Copophobic Green Jenny Jones clearly has form, and yesterday she was at it again, blaming the police for not prosecuting the driver who caused the death of a cyclist.  The police believe there is insufficient evidence for a prosecution.  Jenny Jones has a long charge sheet of attacking the Met Police, which explains why once again, Boris Johnson told her it was about time she showed some support for law and order.

What about balance and fairness?  None of that is ever on offer from Green Jenny Jones whenever police matters are mentioned.  If you vote Green, don’t expect support for law and order, the indications are, if you listen to Jenny, that they will see that anarchy rules.

14 responses to “If you believe in law and order, don’t vote Green!

  1. You are right. For some reason, Jenny jones has a vitriolic hatred of the police, and an unnatural interest in their sex lives! #weird

  2. She is quite vicious during the London Assembly, personal insults, hatred of the cops, always her behaviour is unprofessional. What sort of HR Department do they have there for Gods sake. No other workplace would demonstrate such low standards of behaviour.

  3. You are WAY off the mark on the Michael Mason case. Read Martin Porter QC’s comments on his blog http://thecyclingsilk.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/inquest-into-death-of-michael-mason.html?m=1

    and Ross Lydall from the Standard:

    (I posted you links to these on Twitter but you blocked me – interesting that you accuse others doing the same as “hypocrites”)

    • This cycling tragedy is not the point of the blog. The blog is about the unrelenting criticism of the Met by Green Jenny Jones. But I don’t accept your thesis that the driver of the car that sadly killed Michael Mason should be prosecuted and I have read all the evidence. I agree with the police. I have never ever accused anyone who blocked someone on twitter of being a hypocrite. Blocking people on twitter is often very necessary, but your accusation is just part of the way you misrepresent people. I accept that you believe the police are wrong on this, but you need to accept that thousands agree with the police, and they have a right to their opinions.

  4. Water cannons are not enough to dispose of those “passers by”. Cousin Vladimir Putin seems to have plenty of war surplus available. I suggest a baker’s dozen of armoured cars

    • That is an irresponsible tweet Leon. The Met. and the Mayor of London are sworn to uphold peaceful protest. Water cannon are only needed when there is extreme violence, that happened during London riots, when 44 cops were injured, 4 very badly. The Met has a right to protect their own.
      Secondly, water cannon are the best way of protecting fire fighters and paramedics in burning buildings. You may recall how many burning buildings there were during the riots.

      Your flippant and dismissive attitude is an insult to the police who put themselves in real danger to protect us. They were unprepared during the London riots. They don’t intend that to happen a second time.

      • I have recently been studying the Gordon Riots of the 1780’s. They were eventually put down, by the militia, with a loss of up to 400 lives

        If you consider that excessive, Charles Dickens’ views are worth considering

        I think we need something more than the constabulary – the Department of Administrative Affairs, again!

        As this is an ongoing situation, which I’m stuck in the middle of, I plead for mercy, for my levity!

  5. Leon, i enjoy a joke, but this is a very serious subject. The violence in the London riots was excessive because the Met had knowledge that many foreign agitators came over here to attack the police and set fire to businesses.

    Water cannon were not the idea of Boris Johnson. They were requested by the Met, whose officers took the brunt of the aggression with only shields and batons to protect them.

    It will not be the Met Police who even decide when the cannon are to be used. An Ethics committee headed by an indepenent barrister will make the decision, not the Met. police.

    Jenny Jones doesn’t give a damn if the cops get hurt or not. She is a fan of the Occupy demonstrators, who do their best to make life impossible for the police.i repeat, don’t vote Green if yu believe in law in order, they support anarch.y.

    • “The centre cannot hold, the best lack all conviction, the worst are filled with a passionate intensity. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world” (I quote this a a habitue of the old Freedom book shop, Whitechapel, btw)

      I’ll see if I can find Charles Dickens on the issue

      Next time you’re near the Royal Courts of Law, pop into my old bank, the RBS, No1 Fleet S,t (formerly “The Devil” tavern! lol), and check out the exhibit on the wall

      I’m serious, we have reached, if not gone beyond, the limits of the traditional constabulary (I come from a police family, btw)

    • “sprinkled doubtless here and there with honest zealots, but composed for the most part of the very scum and refuse of London, whose growth was fostered by bad criminal laws, bad prison regulations, and the worst conceivable police.”


  6. Your comments about the Met are unfair, albeit colourful. They are certainly not borne out by the facts.

  7. I’m just suggesting that an administrative reform is required – I’m not suggesting the Met *should* massacre 400 people, as the ‘militia’, even in Camden High St!

    Something more like a proper Ministry of the Interior is called for

    • Sounds a bit sinister, like something they would have in Russia!

      • Well I was going to suggest that, rather than relying on the Met, Boris could contract a Spetnaz squad to operate the Buk missiles. They could just return to Nizhny-Novgorad, afterwards. Simples!

        Apparently, that Duncan Carswell chap knows about this stuff – I’ve long suspected that Mrs Thatcher was making a mistake, closing down the Russian Studies Department

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