Russell Brand does zip, as Boris quietly handles deal to sell on New Era

At Mayor’s Question Time, Boris Johnson was asked what progress had been made in helping the New Era Estate tenants. Boris has been most unfairly slated in the press for “not helping” the tenants of New Era estate.  The abuse on twitter has been dire, in variance with the truth.  On the contrary, his aides have been quietly, but effectively working behind the scenes to resolve the matter.branddemoThree ladies from the New Era Estate started a movement to save the estate, for which they desrve all credit.  All the demos by flamboyant comedian Russell Brand have had zero result, apart from removing the only developer with a heart, Richard Benyon, who was very upset  about the plight of the tenants. He was viciously and dishonestly castigated by the demonstrators, as was our Mayor.

Boris explained to the London Assembly that his deputy, Rick Blakeway,  has had meetings and conference calls with Westbrook, the developers, and also with the local MP and a member of Hackney council.

The aim is to sell on the Estate.  Hopefully this will be to a social housing landlord, if this is at all possible, although this will be difficult to achieve.

As Boris told Labour Assembly member Tom Copley, in charge of housing for Labour, New Era Esate is an entirely exceptional case, a privately owned estate with rents way below market value, so finding a socal housing developer would be a long shot.

The latest news from the Guardian is that the estate is about to be sold to an affordable housing provider,

This is so typical of the present UK political scene.  Hysterical, overly dramatic rhetoric from Labour, wild accusations, abuse,  but no action.  Zero rhetoric, but quietly effective action from the Tories, that is actually helping the victims.

5 responses to “Russell Brand does zip, as Boris quietly handles deal to sell on New Era

  1. @rustyrockets Russell Brand is just a huge poser, not a clue about politics, totally ignorant. Self publicist.

  2. Never let facts hinder the politicians publicist.

    • The heroes are the three women who started the movement to save the estate. Meanwhile the Mayor was working quietly behind the scenes, to persuade Westbrook to sell on and to broker a deal for the estate.

      Russell was asked to help the three ladies, which he did. The Mayor would have sorted out the developer whoever was doing a demo. What facts are being ignored?

  3. Let’s avoid scoring political points, everyone’s done their bit to get this result. Everyone, including Brand.

    • The three ladies who initiated the protest are greatly to be congratulated. Boris Johnson handled the hardest part by persuading Westbrook to sell on and brokering a deal with Dolphin.

      Russell Brand was mainly a hindrance in this matter. He didn’t meet with the developers once, and smeared Boris Johsnon as hard as he could on twitter, I can testify to that first hand. Boris intended to help anyway, although he has no legal power to intervene in private property disputes, which this is. His intervention was nothing to do with Russell’s demos.

      So the only thing brokered by Russell Brand was a vicious and prolonged smear campaign against the Mayor accusing him of inaction and “not caring”. Even though I told Russell on twitter that Boris was helping, the smears still continued. Now a lefty paper is describing New Era as “Russell Brand’s first victory”.

      I am sure Russell would not wish to claim credit which is so ill deserved. If you want to describe the part played by Russell Brand, the truth is, it was a mainly negative one, so saying “everyone did their bit” is absolutely not true, is it?

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