Hilarious Jonathan Ross Show displays Boris and Wossy at their best!

It would be dishonest to deny that the news that Boris was going to appear on the Jonathan Ross show did not evoke a flicket of fear, as well as huge delight.  Was Boris going to be subjected to death by a thousand sarcastic jibes?borisjamesWossy’s opening remarks “An irrepressible force of nature, outrageous sense of humour,  terrible dress sense, ”   “A muscular charistmatic heart throb”etc. were the intro for other guests, but every time the camera centred on a blushing Boris. So often did Wossy pull this stunt, in the end an outraged Boris yelled, “Knock it on the head Ross, you have done this joke now!”

This intro set the tone for the entire programme, Wossy teasing and Boris reacting, until a sympatheticx James Corden decided to hold Boris’s hand for the rest of the programme. Boris looked helplessly at Wossy, who hissed “Just go with it!”

One of the funniest moments was when the camera honed in on the way Boris and James  were sitting.  James Corden was mimicking Bojo’s assertively spread thighs, so Wossy rushed to close their their legs, so viewers were not shocked by the sight of the “full Christmas lunch!”

Serious subjects included the Boris bikes, Boris’s book The Churchill Factor, and the effect on politicians of twitterstorms.  On twitter, Emma Sinclair @ES_Entrepreneur reminded me of an a vital point.  Jonathan was saying that Boris is more honest than other politicians, which is true.  Boris replied that politicians dread “the twitterstorm” and that has sterilised politics.

@ES_Entrepreneur tweeted:  So true. Fear of backlash from being honest has totally sterilised politics: not an easy job. Loving @MayorofLondon on @wossy. #TwitStorm

This was an outstanding programme, tape the repeat, not to be missed.

2 responses to “Hilarious Jonathan Ross Show displays Boris and Wossy at their best!

  1. Very funny programme, James Corden holding Bojo’s hand, hahaha Jonathan Ross at his best, Boris quick witted as ever, loved it.

  2. Wossy closing Boris’s assertively spread thighs, oh hahahaha

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