Is Russell Brand another Jimmy Carr re. tax avoidance?

On BBC Question Time last night, Russell Brand attacked Nigel Farage for having worked in the City as a broker (Nigel was actually a metals trader) and condemned the corruption of the City.  Nigel Farage had a proper job before he was a politician, unlike Ed Miliband, and also unlike Ed and Russell,  understands the economy, two points in his favour.brandfarageKen Livingstone made his reputation, bashing bankers and the City.  He challenged Boris to submit his accounts to public scrutiny, because he wanted to accuse Boris of like him, using tax avoidance schemes.  It turned out that Boris was paying the top whack of tax, and was using no tax avoidance schemes whatsoever.  Ken was using a tax shelter, and never ever submitted accounts, as was agreed.

Comedian Jimmy Carr built up his street cred attacking “fat bankers”. Until he was found to be using a KT tax evasion scheme that meant he only paid about 1% tax. Although legal, the moral implications stink to high heaven.

Russell Brand also wants to make his reputation as a man of the people, the wrath of God who preaches at wicked bankers and brokers.  He should therefore, as did Boris,  submit his accounts and financial affairs to full public scrutiny. Does Russell for example, support the tax avoidance of Take That and other comedians, like Jimmy Carr.  Maybe someone should ask him. Tax avoidance is legal, but what about the moral aspect?  If you pontificate to others about their moral laxiity, you have to be above reproach yourself.

He cannot avoid tax and point the finger.  Prove you are squeaky clean like Boris, Russell.   Put up or shut up.

One response to “Is Russell Brand another Jimmy Carr re. tax avoidance?

  1. You are completely right. If Russell Brand wants to attack City Brokers and bankers, he cannot in any way be seen to be indulging in the same practices he is criticising.

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