Boris speaks up for black cab drivers against Uber on ITV’s London Tonight

Calling, calling all black cab drivers, Boris has spoken!  There has been much concern on twitter from black cab drivers,  known for their rock solid reputations for reliability.  They know London like the back of their hands, and any woman feels safe climbing into a black cab in the dead of night.boristaxiOn London Tonight, on itv, Boris said the Uber smartphone is a meter and therefore illegal.  Whether or not TfL agree, what Boris says usually goes!

The case in the High Court sorting out Uber is apparently delayed by a decision by the cabbies’ union, the LTDA, to launch a private prosecution against four Uber drivers.  The issue over the smartphone must be decided in the High Court.

There is also concern that Uber are hastling black cab drivers to join Uber, promising them £4,000 a month.  Black cab drivers believe this is a ploy to swell Uber numbers for the court case, and Uber will then not bother about the drivers as soon as (and if) they win.

Boris’s words will give heart to all the loyal, faithful black cab drivers who have beavered away for years, plying their trade to the highest of standards.  Hang on guys!  Hang on!  Justice will be done!  Details of what was said to ITV are here. 

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