Channel 4 FactCheck says food being wasted on an appalling scale

Reliable researchers Channel 4 FactCheck’s article on food banks says not only are people going hungry, but food is being wasted on an appalling scale. fareshareI know that Boris Johnson is good at saving waste, he supports the social supermarkets.  Is there a way the London Assembly can pitch in, to use food being wasted constructively?

There are non-stop ideological arguments on twitter about food banks.  Instead of wasting energy tweet/fighting, why not take action and give to your local food bank? This link will help you find your nearest food bank and advise you on the best things to take.

Fare Share works to persuade industry to share,  not waste leftover food.  Fare Share says: ” We offer the food industry the opportunity to redirect good quality food, that would otherwise be thrown away, to people who need it”.  Their link is here.

Much healthier to ban junk food and takeaways except on rare occasions, for freshly cooked soups and stews.   It is one of the ironies of modern times that obesity, costing the NHS billions, is as big a problem as hunger in the UK.

This article in the Daily Telegraph reports that obesity is killing three times as many people worldwide as malnutrition.

15th Dec. 2014.  Today ever practical Mayor of London announced the opening of the first social supermarket, food at affordable prices, read details here!

3 responses to “Channel 4 FactCheck says food being wasted on an appalling scale

  1. Ironic that obesity is just as much a problem in UK costing NHS billions, as hunger.

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