Theresa May: You shall not side with the great against the powerless

Victims of alleged child abuse have told Home Secretary Theresa May that they are withdrawing from the Home Office inquiry because they believe the department has its own agenda.  23 survivors have sent Mrs. May a letter saying they believe the inquiry is “not fit for purpose”.

The National Association for People abused in Childhood, which is attending, said it may also walk away unless it gets a series of pledges from Mrs. May.

The objections of the survivors are here.  This morning Mrs. May issued a cold statement on SKY News that “the inquiry will go on with or without the survivors”.  However, later on, news of a make or break last meeting was reported.

When Theresa May finally showed sympathy for the victims and said the needs of the survivors must be the primary consideration, this was good to hear.  How sad to find that this was just empty rhetoric.

I do not believe Mrs. May appreciates the huge damage she will do to her own reputation and to the Tory party if this is not handled fairly.   It is not right that surivivors of child abuse be hurt all over again because they cannot be granted social justice.

Theresa May should be reminded of this quotation.  “You shall not side with the great against the powerless.”  Terence Rattigan, The Winslow Boy

DISGRACEFUL:  The Guardian reports that surviviors of child abuse have received insulting and abusive letters and e-mails from two members of May’s panel, because they dared  to criticise the inquiry as not fit for purpose.   The survivors are asking for these two members to be removed from the inquiry.

5 responses to “Theresa May: You shall not side with the great against the powerless

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  3. This inquiry is totally discredited. May should be removed from any responsibility on this.

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