Russell Brand fibs about Boris re. New Era to plug his stupid revolution!

It is an outrage!  No matter how many times I inform Russell Brand of Boris Johnson’s position regarding the New Era tenants on twitter, he continues to pretend that Boris is against them,  insisting he should do more!NeweraBoris has been in the Far East plugging the vital FinTech revolution, which will mean thousands more sorely needed jobs and investment for Londoners. But before he left, he made his anger at Westbrook developers plain in the press.  He also sent his deputy to negotiate with Westbrook over affordable rents.

Russell knows that legally Boris’s hands are tied.  As Mayor, he cannot become involved in private property disputes.  But still he is dumping on Boris on twitter, to plug his stupid revolution!

Russell, call off your twitter Orcs!  Boris Johnson has made his support for the tenants of New Era completely clear!  Your reputation is already tarnished by the Sun front page this morning. A YouGov poll proved how many people dislike your political rants.

The important issue here is the suffering of the New Era tenants.  Not your ridiculous Revolution!

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