ABP to take legal action over Crick programme on Ch 4 News

Yesterday, the London Assembly met to discuss any concerns they might have over the ABP deal at Royal Albert Dock, after allegations by Michael Crick in a Channel 4 programme.POLITICS Johnson 102528John Biggs, who was acting as Chairman yesterday, said that ABP were naturally concerned about their reputation in view of Michael Crick’s allegations.  They were therefore taking legal action against Channel 4 News.

Last week, at a fiery and often hot tempered meeting of Mayor’s Question Time, Boris Johnson passionately defended the deal and extolled its value for London and the UK. Meanwhile, yesterday, the auditors reassured the members about the validity of the tender process.  It would not be appropriate for Boris Johnson to attend any further meetings at this stage.

The webcast of the London Assembly meeting yesterday is here.

The webcam of the Channel 4 programme is here.  Len Duvall took exception to ABP sending the London Assembly a copy of the intended litigation.  However. Mr. Duvall forgets some of the potentially slanderous comments made at the meeting of Mayor’s Question Time in November.

7 responses to “ABP to take legal action over Crick programme on Ch 4 News

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  2. Unlike anyone posting on this website, I actually know quite a bit about this deal from both the GLA and the ABP side, and if I was ABP I certainly wouldn’t be suing C4 or London Assembly. I’d be trying to keep as low a profile as possible…

    • Where are you getting your information? Because my information takes the opposite view to put it mildly. You aren’t ABP, who haved a right to defend their reputation. What is your authority for that statement?

    • Crick made very strong allegations in the programme with absolutely no proof. Now he has to substantiate them, and that is only fair.

    • Maybe you should be careful of implying any impropriety because if ABP win their case, you will be guilty of libel too.

    • To make the sort of allegatons Crick and Sir Alastair Graham were making, you need to produce evidence. Crick didn’t do that, that’s why they are being sued.

  3. Appallng programme. Only a matter of time before ABP sued. London Assembly need to take care what they say.

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