May finally expresses sympathy for child abuse victims, but even better to see some action

At last some terror measures from Theresa May!  Or at least some new terror measures. Up until now, May and the Home Office have been hogtied by the Deputy PM.   In September of this year, a whole raft of measures against extremism and radicalisation was blocked by Nick Clegg. who bragged he would probably block any future measures too.

mayWe need to know it won’t be the same scenario all over again. Nick Clegg has praised the use of IP addresses to trap terrorists as “sensible”, but said that the Home Secretary “wants to go a lot further” by reviving what he called the “disproportionate” measures of “the snoopers’ charter”.

May said “the time is right” for new terror measures.  The level of terror threat is now severe, is this remark to justify the delays?

When speaking about the child abuse inquiry, May has radically changed her approach.  A storm of furious criticism regarding her stonewalling approach has obviously persuaded her a new attitude is called for.  There is now some apparent sympathy in her tone, instead of the ice cold, unyielding demeanour she adopted before, to look “tough”.

Previously, she stubbornly backed totally unsuitable candidates to chair the child abuse inquiry.  Now she speaks up at last for the victims and admits they have a point of view.   Wonderful.   It would be even better to see some action, on this and on terror threats, instead of just talk.

5 responses to “May finally expresses sympathy for child abuse victims, but even better to see some action

  1. I read just the other day that Choudary, is being allowed out to preach on street corners in the same country, in which a christian street preacher was harassed by police and very nearly sent to jail. A convicted encourager of terrorism is allowed to preach on the street, but a christian wishing to share the love of Jesus with a sinful world is barred!

    • Theresa May is not the strong character she pretends. She talks tough. but nothing happens. Nick Clegg has blocked all measures to fight radicalisation and terror and not a peep from Theresa, she has let him do it.

      We have STILLnot got a chairman for child abuse inquiry, which is appalling. The Muslims preachers on the streets get away with murder.

      • She has not acted promptly over radicalisation or extremism, allowed Nick Clegg to call the shots!

  2. The Muslim preachers on the streets, including Choudary preach what they like. While Christian preachers on the streets get arrested for hate speech! We need a new word, how about christianophobia!

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