Michael Crick programme wrong, no independent investigation, but Assembly members can look at the papers

After all his big talk of corruption, favouritism over the tender, attacks on the integrity of devoted public servants and downright nasty insinuations regarding our Mayor, London & Partners and ABP, the reputations of Michael Crick and Channel 4 News are quite rightly in tatters.borislondonassembly2Coincidentally, the programme was shown when Boris Johnson was in the States for a week.  Plenty of time then for Crick and Cathy Newman to whip up anti-Boris feeling on twitter (or try to.)  Only one little problem, no evidence. Watch the video here.

At Mayor’s Question Time today, Boris explained exactly why the bid by ABP was much better than all other bids, so much so, that the other companies all withdrew.  He also pointed out there was a major misunderstanding over the role of London & Partners.  There did not appear to be a problem with ABP over human rights.  One incident had been mentioned but no details had been supplied.  ABP would be rebutting the allegations themselves.   Watch the webcast here.

Boris could confirm that the auditors stated the allegations from Channel 4 are without foundation.  The deal with ABP will contribute £6 billion to the economy and 1,500 to 2,000  much needed jobs will be provided for Londoners. Many British companies will also receive work from the project and the Mayor read out some of the names.

Boris was passionate in defending the deal, although Darren Johnson plumbed the depths concerning low questions, and Stephen Knight did his best to carry on where Crick left off.

Who’d be Mayor of London?  (if they are a Tory, that is).  Not only has Boris achieved the Herculean task of reviving the London economy and boosting the jobs market, he also has to deal with endless petty politicking from jealous lefties.  Labour are not and never could be, wealth creators.  It’s clear that the Labour and LibDem members don’t understand economics.  Their real problem is jealousy.  They could never initiate creative, valuable business deals or raise billions of foreign investment like Boris does in a million years and they know it.

4 responses to “Michael Crick programme wrong, no independent investigation, but Assembly members can look at the papers

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  2. The Channel 4 news programme made all sorts of nasty accusations, but didn’t have any proof. I notice they have dropped the slur against the tory donor! Outrageous.

    • Boris made a great job of explaining why ABP was by far the best deal. The questons of the London Assembly members showed they were keen to find some sort of corruption- any sort of corruption, but they failed to do that.

      Channel 4 after the meeting tried to make out they had forced further action, just to save their foolish faces, the whole programme was appalling.

      • It is clear from many past meetings, how very naive re. business dealings many Assembly members are. This can make communication difficult.

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